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Parties at NESA are all about customizing your child's birthday party the way YOU want it. Choose up to 4 activities to play in an hour. Call the Front Desk for any questions or information regarding the booking of a birthday party. 781-493-6345

Obstacle Course: The obstacle course is a great warm up activity. Kids can jump, bounce, slide and scamper your way through the circuit style obstacle course. The obstacle course tests speed, agility and balance. If you want to do an obstacle course, but are concerned it won't be challenging enough, just ask us to kick it up a notch for you and we can customize one. Best for all ages.

Spider Tag: Spider tag is a great activity to add with the obstacle course. We play it by pushing all of the blocks and mats together into one big pile. The party guests have to jump from mat to mat without touching the ground and while trying to evade the spider. The last person standing in each round will be the spider the following round. Best for ages: 5+

Dodgeball: This can be played for 15 minutes or an entire party. It is extremely addictive and an absolute blast. Best for ages: 6+

Dance Party: With the addition of our party service, Klub Chaos, we are now able to offer unforgettable dance parties. With the flick of a switch, our basketball court is converted into a state of the art disco-like dance room. You can even request songs prior to your party! Kids can either free dance or have the coolest game of freeze dance ever. Best for ages: 5+

Parachute: Parachute games are a great way to wrap up any party. For the younger kids, we like to play games like “Pop the bubbles” and “Rock the boat”.  In Pop-the-bubble, the birthday boy/girl sits in the center of the parachute and with the help of their friends, they all pop the bubbles created by the others sitting around the edge. All eyes are on the birthday child and every one of their friends gets to participate. "Rock-the-boat" is a quick and simple game that involves trying to keep a ball on the parachute for as long as possible. Older guests will play games like “Lifeguard” and “Cat and Mouse”. All ages conclude their party with “The Big Bubble”. Best for ages: 5+

Foam Pit: The foam pit is hands down the most sought after activity by kids. It is a large pit full of foam cubes. Surrounding the foam pit are rope swings, trampolines big and small, trapezes, and bars. It is generally a free-play activity. If you want it a little more structured, we can organize races and a handful of other games. Best for all ages.

Gymnastics: If your guests want to spend time on gymnastics equipment, make it a part of the activities! We have plenty of equipment to satisfy even the least experienced gymnast! Best for all ages.

Relay Race: We can organize fun relay races using gymnastics-based exercises such as bear crawls, crab walks, and leap frogs. Always a great way to get a group of partygoers giggling! Best for all ages.

Parkour Obstacle Course:  For kids over the age of 9, an advanced obstacle course is just the way to start off a party.  Watch the birthday child give it a test run, then see all their friends put their balance, speed and guts to the test in a parkour-based course that is adjusted to their age and experience.  Good for all ages, even adults (if they dare!)

Monkey Soccer: This is a variation of soccer, with one key difference: kids use their hands to hit the ball instead of their feet. The ball can either be a soccer ball or a dodgeball. You would be surprised at the excitement this game incites in kids. Best for ages: 5-9

Soccer: Let our staff lead your child and their friends in a game of soccer or relay race competition. We have an indoor turf room and outdoor soccer field available, weather-permitted. Best for all ages.

Basketball: Add basketball as one of your activities and YOU choose what to play. We can have a full court game, dribbling competition, or any contest that your child desires. Our hoops are adjustable so everyone can participate. Best for ages: 6+

Dunking off a Trampoline: That's right, our hoops have adjustable height to allow our guests to take turns slam dunking! We set up the trampoline at a safe distance, lay out mats, and let kids fulfill their desire to dunk! Best for ages: 7+

Flag Football: With this activity, kids divide into two teams and engage in good old-fashioned American football! We supply each guest a belt with flags attached to promote safe, but competitive play. A sure hit for any athletic child who wants to launch a football to his friend in the end zone. Best for Ages: 6+

P R I C E:

For up to 25 kids:
non member: $410 with 4 pizzas, $390 without pizza
member: $390 with 4 pizzas, $370 without pizza
Over 25 kids is $10 per child

For up to 15 kids:
non member: $360 with 3 pizzas, $340 without pizza
member: $340 with 3 pizzas, $320 without pizza
$10 per child extra up to 3 additional children then considered other price

Parties include: 2 instructors, invitations, up to 4 activities in 1 hour, 30 minutes in our party room and a ton of fun

D A Y S / T I M E S:

Room 2 SaturdayRoom 1 SaturdayRoom 2 SundayRoom 1 Sunday
1:30 - 3:301:45 - 3:1512:00 - 1:3012:15 - 1:45
3:15 - 4:453:30 - 5:001:45 - 3:152:00 - 3:30
5:00 - 6:305:15 - 6:453:30 - 5:003:45 - 5:15
6:45 - 8:157:00 - 8:305:15 - 6:455:30 - 7:00

Preschool parties are available Monday-Friday 9-3PM

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