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Addison Chung for two straight years was named part of the US Mens Junior National Team! Read More Here!
"Both kids LOVED the camp, my daughter even said it was the best camp she's ever been to!
I was thrilled to see them both sweaty at the end of the day since that meant they had been moving and having fun!!
My son loved all the sensory activities and benefited from the games that fostered good social skills.
I really hope our schedule allows them to return at some point, I'd love to be kept up to date on your programs throughout the year."

"Christine, my daughter's experience with iFit this summer was so great in so many ways!!!
Thank you :-) Susan - Canton, MA"
About program
Join us for iFIT School Vacation and Summer Camp


1/2 Day Mon - Fri 1-5 PM


First iFit Child with Program Needs

  $270/3 Days
  $400/5 Days

VIP/iFit Sibling Rate with Program Support

  $200/3 Days
  $300/5 Days

  VIP/iFit Sibling without Program Support

$55/Day NESA 1/2 Day Camp Rate
(Child can switch to NESA Camps)

iFit is a whole body program designed to support and strengthen social learners’ participation in non-competitive group activities.  The iFit program supports the growth and inclusion of students in grades K - 8 with social learning deficits.

Participants must demonstrate high functioning, average to above average cognitive ability with related social profiles such as ADHD, HFA, AS, Anxiety, NLD, etc.  
ALL interested participants  must contact Christine Sheedy and schedule an intake appointment to ensure a
compatible fit for program activities, peers, and meeting needs reliably.

• 1:00 PM  Arrival, eat snack,
         settle in, plan afternoon
• 1:15 PM Social Learning Group and activity
• 1:45 pm iFit Sports  -
        Clinic 1
• 2:45 PM  Cooperative activity/project or supervised  free play
• 3:45 PM  iFit Sports
        Clinic 2
• 4:45 PM Organize for home
• 5:00 PM Dismissal
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