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Rhythmic Gymnastics

schedule & registration
Rhythmic Teams will be practicing at the location formally known as Kehillah Schechter Academy (1 Commerce Way
Norwood, MA) as well as NESA. Please contact the front desk or your coaches for specific practice locations.
About program
Rhythmic Gymnastics is a great fusion of ballet, dance, and art intertwined with gymnastics. Rhythmic Gymnastics combines graceful body movements with music and dance while manipulating ribbons, ropes, and hoops in a choreographed dance and tumble schedule. Rhythmic Gymnastics tests the power, rhythmic, agility, flexibility and balance of all girls. This Rhythmic Gymnastics requires lot of meditation, confidence, attitude and most importantly a lot of practice.

We, at New England Sport Academy (NESA), offer a competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics Team Program beginning at level 3 and runs up to level 10. Besides this, we also offer non-competitive ambience to pre-school and recreational classes for students looking for fun. Whatever your desires may be, NESA can offer you the best training and facilitate an expert coach to instill the nuances of Rhythmic Gymnastics into you.

NESA offers one of the country's largest and most successful rhythmic gymnastics programs. Our team members include state, regional and national champions!

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a unique combination of Dance, Ballet and Art interlaced with gymnastics. It is an Olympic sport that is very popular in Europe. The sport harmonizes body movement with the grace and beauty of dance and music, while working with ribbons, balls, hoops, ropes and clubs in a choreographed dance-and-tumble routine.

Gymnastics events test the strength, rhythm, balance, flexibility and agility of the gymnast. Rhythmic gymnastics is a very challenging sport. It requires commitment, confidence, attitude and a lot of practice. NESA offers a highly competitive team program which begins at level 3 and goes to Level 10. The team is invitation only. We also offer recreational and preschool classes for students looking for a noncompetitive environment where they can learn and have fun.

Program Benefits:

  • Learn elegant, expressive, precise & graceful movements
  • Gain positive self esteem & confidence
  • Develop flexibility
  • Develop agility, strength and coordination
  • Learn to set goals
  • Increase physical fitness
  • Learn team skills
  • Build lasting friendships

Rhythmic Dance
Rhythmic Stars is now offering a program for both boys and girls called Rhythmic DANCE.  This class offers the elegance and beauty of Rhythmic in combination with the artistry and energy of dance.  The program includes stretching and apparatus work along with extensive dance training.  Every season the program puts on a show to demonstrate new routines to friends and family.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes at NESA
Rhythmic classes are broken down by the age of the student and introductory classes are one hour long. Classes emphasize stretching, ballet basics and learning how to move to music while having fun! Elementary skills are taught using the rhythmic apparatus that include: ribbon, rope, ball, clubs, and hoop. All students will perform in a winter and spring show that will showcase their amazing talents!

The team program is by invitation only. In order to be considered for team the student must have a strong desire to improve their technique and flexibility and want to be in the gym more hours to work on perfecting their elements. NESA’s Rhythmic Stars team is highly competitive and has produced much state, regional and national champions!

Understanding The Rhythmic Gymnastics Apparatus

The ribbon is long and light and may be thrown in all directions. Its function is to create designs in space. Its flights through the air creating figures and shapes of every kind. Figures of many different sizes are executed at varying rhythm. Snakes, spirals and throws are the essentials of the ribbon's flight.

Rhythmic Gymnastics rope has knots rather than handles at its ends. The technical figures may be made with the rope either taut or loose, with one or both hands, and with or without changing the hands. The relationship between the rope and the gymnast is more explosive than with any other apparatus. The rope often appears as a serpent-like attacker seizing and winding around the gymnast. Suppleness and agility, tinged with elegance, are always present in the rope routines.

The ball is the only apparatus for which no grip is allowed. This means that a more sensuous relationship between the body and the apparatus is required. The ball moves in perfect harmony with the body. Spectacular throws with control and precision in the catches are dynamic elements.

The gymnast uses the clubs to execute mills, rolls, twists, throws and as many asymmetric figures as possible, combining them with the many figures featured in non- apparatus gymnastics. Exercises with the clubs require a highly developed sense of rhythm, maximum psychomotor coordination and precision up to watch making standards.

The hoop defines a space. This space is used to the utmost degree by the gymnast, who moves within the circle formed. Handling the hoop requires frequent changes of grip and the main requirement is good movement coordination. The shape of the hoop favors rolls, passages, rotations and walkovers.
About program director
Varduhi Nahapetyan
(781) 493-6345
Head coach, Varduhi Nahapetyan was National Master of Sport and Rhythmic Gymnastics National Champion of Armenia in 1984, 1991 and 1993. Varduhi's coaching career began in 1997 as a coach of the Armenian National Team. Her students won many medals in National and International competitions.

She has been coaching in the US since 2003 and has coached many State, Regional and National champions. She has achieved this success with an approach that has strict attention to the details while balancing it with a positive environment for the athlete to grow.
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