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The sport of gymnastics is amazing not because it is the hardest sport in world, but because it prepares you to face every challenge...
Addison Chung for two straight years was named part of the US Mens Junior National Team! Read More Here!
About program
Tricking takes its origins in martial arts as it uses various martial arts' techniques alongside gymnastic techniques to create a chain of combos. The main focus of tricking is to gain full control and awareness of one's body in a challenging yet entertaining way.

Classes are for All Levels whether you are a Beginner, reached Intermediate Level or are ready for Advanced training!
Ages 10+

Beginner and Intermediate levels:

At the beginner level we will teach students basic kicks (i.e. tornado kick, round house kick, sweep kicks ext.) We will also explore basic skills such as cartwheels and round-offs. Once the students have achieved a sturdy base of skills, we will explore how to efficiently chain these skills together to create combos.

At the intermediate level we will explore advances techniques and aerial based skills, (i.e. backflip, front flip, aerial, gainer flash ext.) as well as continue to train on all basic skills to ensure stable progression and advancement. All new skills learned will be incorporated to create new combos.

Advanced Classes levels:

At the advanced level students will be instructed on how to incorporate twisting into flips to create corks, b-twists, full twists, aerial twists and more. As the art of tricking is as much about the skill, as it is about the individual performing the skill and giving it his/hers personalized approach, the unique styles are encouraged and new combos have perfect ground to emerge.
About program director
Daelon Austin
(781) 493-6345
Daelon Austin's athletic background lies in Martial Arts. During his early years he took Tae Kwon Do but eventually parted ways with the art as its structure did not suit his personality.

In his search to find a less limiting art, he ran into few tricking videos on instantly fell in love with the sport. As the sport was (and still remains) a relatively new sport, Daelon started attending parkour classes and jam sessions to advance his tricking skills.

He currently teaches classes at NESA and is available for private lessons.
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