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The sport of gymnastics is amazing not because it is the hardest sport in world, but because it prepares you to face every challenge...
Addison Chung for two straight years was named part of the US Mens Junior National Team! Read More Here!

Jumpstart Preschool Mixed Sports

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About program
At the preschool age (3-6 years old), kids start learning the gross motor skills, coordination, flexibility and body awareness, whether we organize it and control it or not. In addition, the mind of the child is absorbing the new facts about this world like a sponge. Not too many people realize, but these two areas - physical development and mental development - are closely connected and interdependent, and as numerous research shows, are much more efficient in a balanced combination. Lastly, preschool age is the first time in youngsters' lives when they start socializing.

NESA's JumpStart program addresses all the social and developmental needs of this age group with a program that was developed by world renowned coaches and top-notch educators that have years of experience of raising successful athletes and balanced individuals, JumpStart program provides your future star with the balanced combination of:

  • gross motor skills, fitness, coordination, flexibility, strength and muscle development while learning the foundations of multiple sports at young age
  • working in a team, listening, following instructions, maintaining a healthy competitive spirit, goal setting and other social skills

This is not your childcare. We are not here to babysit your child. We are here to help your child grow and develop comprehensively, while having fun.

The best part: all these benefits for under $4.50 an hour?? Yes, we did make it possible.
About program director
Brian Fitzgerald
(781) 493-6345
Brian has been with NESA for a few years, teaching Parkour, one of NESA’s top programs, and Mixed Sports Camp. Brian is an extremely well-rounded athlete and is wonderful coaching kids! He brings structure, sport fundamentals and most importantly fun to the class!
Before Parkour, Brian skateboarded and competed professionally as a snow boarder. In the past three years, he has risen to be one of the best and brightest Parkour athletes in the nation!
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