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About program
  • A beginner is a player who has played the game for less than two years.

  • Age, however, is a major factor. For example a player who is bigger, faster and more capable of understanding the concepts will progress much quicker than a player of a younger age and who has a more difficult time trying to interpret what it is they are taught.

  • The Beginner program is an overview of basic fundamental skills and game concepts that players who have just picked up the game need to learn and understand in order to assure proper development in the game.

  • The basic and fundamental skills exercised in the program are the skills in which even the top players in the sport to date work on day to day.

Most importantly, in the beginner program we do our best to show the kids what a great and fun sport lacrosse is and how much it has to offer, as it is the fastest growing sport in the country.
About program director
Matt Haddad
(781) 493-6345
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