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Learn to play the guitar!
In addition to being awesome at Taekwondo, Master John also taught himself amazing guitar skills, And he wants to teach you too!

• Beginners who can’t find where to begin
• Skilled players looking for some advice
• Experts who can’t get over that creative hump
• Just wanna play around for fun?

Expert instruction at a low price, Don’t hesitate, make an appointment today!

About program director
John Gerstenecker
While formally trained in traditional Taekwondo, NESA guitar instructor and TKD Master John Gerstenecker opted for a less orthodox path in satisfying his extraordinary passion for music. As a self taught musician he worked (and played) tirelessly for 8 years to perfect his instrumental prowess and he can see no end in sight to the level of ability he can reach through practice.

He took that intensity to new levels over the years by teaching himself to sing, play harmonica and piano and by taking private lessons for French horn in 2007. Although proficient in a few instruments and possessing an artistic sense that has allowed him to learn each instrument he has attempted, John’s love of the sound, feel and expressive freedom of guitar has given him the ability to learn and teach with astonishing clarity, ability and style.

NESA’s private and semi private guitar lessons can help any level of guitar player to develop skills they can carry with them for life without needing to learn the formal language of music to keep them on a rigid track.

John combines his love of blues, rock ’n’ roll, jazz, classical, folk and just about any kind of music created with musical instruments (rather than computerized composition) with the tremendous discipline of Taekwondo training to make every lesson effective and memorable.

By training students simultaneously to learn to hear notes correctly and develop digital (finger) dexterity, John ensures that students can correctly handle the instrument before they begin making actual music. Most importantly, it is emphasized throughout each class that students that do not practice often will not be able to develop great skills.

John is able to instill his philosophy of physical training as well as the need to thoroughly enjoy one’s self in each session to ensure that each student ends class feeling satisfied, confident and one step closer to figuring out the depth of their wonderful instrument.

“There is no limit to great playing, if you love the music and practice often and without weariness, you will be able to express yourself infinitely through your instrument” – Master John
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