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About program
NESA Homeschool Enrichment Program is a unique combination of academic enrichment and kid’s fitness at one of the largest, most comprehensive youth sports facilities in the area. Our team of enthusiastic instructors comes to NESA with a passion for sharing their interests with kids who have a passion for satisfying their curiosity!! This program is designed to provide you and your family with an opportunity to stay active all-year long, a place to spend time with other homeschooling families and a variety of academic enrichment opportunities to build upon the foundation of each family’s unique homeschooling framework.

Recreational academic and fitness classes are held on Mondays through Fridays between 10:00am and 2:30pm for homeschooled kids of all ages.

Home-School Schedule (as of 9/29/2015)
Monday-Friday 10:00 AM-2:30 PM

Monday (non-Coop classes):
        10:00 AM – 2:30 PM Music/Vocal – Anna Freitas (private lessons only)

        1:30 PM Taekwondo Ages 6+ - Grandmaster Paul Lee

        3:00 PM Latin, Advanced – Nicholas Sterling

      10:00 AM Latin, Advanced – Nicholas Sterling

      11:00 AM Chess, Beginner – Nicholas Sterling / Steven Winer
      11:15 AM Gymnastics Ages 3-5, Beginner – Kim Whitney

      12:30 PM Gymnastics Ages 6+, Beginner – Henry Matos
      12:30 PM Parkour Ages 8-19, Mixed Levels – Brian Fitzgerald
      12:30 PM Math Adventure, Beginner - Nicholas Sterling

        1:30 PM D&D, GURPS, & Munchkin Mix – Nicholas Sterling

Wednesday (non-Indoor Parkday Classes):
      10:00 AM – 2:30 PM Music/Vocal – Anna Freitas (private lessons only)

      11:30 AM Gymnastics Ages 6+, Beginner – Nicole Kelleher

      10:00 AM Geography Adventure, Beginner – Nicholas Sterling
      10:00 AM Parents’ Book Club – Alicia Herman (45 minutes; first Thursday of month only)

      11:00 AM Greek Mythology Hunt, Beginner - Nicholas Sterling

      12:30 PM Math Adventure, Beginner – Nicholas Sterling

        1:30 PM Latin, Intermediate - Nicholas Sterling

        1:30 PM Taekwondo Ages 6+ - Grandmaster Paul Lee

Home-School Program Instructors

Nicholas Sterling (D&D, Math,
                             Geography, Latin):

        M 3:00 PM Latin, Advanced

      Tu 10:00 AM Latin, Advanced
      Tu 12:30 PM Math Adventure, Beginner
      Tu   1:30 PM D&D, GURPS, & Munchkin Mix
      Tu 10:00 AM Geography Adventure, Beginner
      Tu 11:00 AM Greek Mythology Hunt, Beginner
      Th 12:30 PM Math Adventure, Beginner
      Th   1:30 PM Latin, Intermediate

Steven Winer (Chess):

      Tu 11:00 AM Chess, Beginner

Gymnastics (Nicole, Henry, Kim):

     Tu 11:15 AM Gymnastics Ages 3-5, Beginner
     Tu 12:30 PM Gymnastics Ages 6+, Beginner

      W 11:30 AM Gymnastics Ages 6+, Beginner
Brian Fitzgerald (Parkour):

     Tu 12:30 PM Parkour Ages 8-19, Mixed Levels

Grandmaster Paul Lee (Taekwondo):

      M 1:30 PM Taekwondo Ages 6+
      F 1:30 PM Taekwondo Ages 6+

Anna Freitas (Guitar/Vocal):

     M 10:00 AM-2:30 PM half-hour private lessons

     W 10:00 AM-2:30 PM half-hour private lessons

Alicia Herman (Parents’ Book Club):

      Th 10:00 AM Parents’ Book Club (45 minutes)

Home-School Prices (as of 9/29/2015)

Chess, Latin, Greek Mythology, Geography, Math - $70/month
Gymnastics - $70/month (Beginner)
Parkour - $80/month
Parents’ Book Club - $100/month
Taekwondo - $149/month

** 10% discount on all classes
after the first MOST EXPENSIVE **

** $50 Registration Fee WAIVED, but
$50 Community Action Fee required at first registration **

** Open Gym free to families of enrolled students
on the same day as the enrolled class **

** Indoor Park Day (Wednesdays): $70/month **

Open Gym w/o class:
$25/family/day (M-F 11:30 AM-2:00 PM)

Per diem class rate (at instructor’s discretion):
$20/student/day for $70 rate
$25/student/day for $80 rate
$30/student/day for $100+ rate


Math Adventure is a recreational mathematics program for kids of all ages, designed to inspire them to love doing math.  Kids play a role-playing game in which they fantasize a quest to find a lost treasure, nab a bad guy, slay a monster, or solve a mystery.   Maze Dodgeball or Capture the Flag!


Travel around the world in search of crooked criminals, nasty nemeses, and heinous hoodlums! NESA GEOGRAPHY ADVENTURE is a recreational geography program for kids of all ages, designed to inspire them to love learning about geography, mapping, and world culture and history.


Learn the language of the ages!  This ancient tongue from Rome of bygone days remains alive and fresh today, embedded in the vocabulary of contemporary English.  The class will teach beginning grammar and vocabulary, all while exposing the student to some fun stories about Pompeii in A.D. 79, about ancient Britain and Alexandria, and early Roman civilization.

Instructor for Math, Geography, and Latin: Nicholas Sterling


Chess is a great game for kids to develop their mental and competitive prowess, and kids who learn to play chess have been shown to perform better in school and develop more socially stable relationships.  In the Beginner and Intermediate classes we will teach the basic moves as needed and cover simple tactics, such as forks, pins, skewers; and strategies, such as occupying key squares. In the Advanced class we will work on opening and endgame study, and getting students prepared for tournament and team play. Instructor: Steven Winer


Parkour in MA integrates several disciplines; it could be termed as a sport, a hobby, and an art. Typically, Parkour is a learning session to navigate obstacles, and leveraging of one's body through public places. Several experts of Parkour, not only in MA but across the globe, believe that the techniques they learn through this sport are also useful in their daily lives, making them more skillful and confident dealing with obstacles spanning from disagreements in the work place to more personal emotional traumas.  

Instructor: Brian Fitzgerald


If your acrobatic toddler or child is serious about becoming a gymnast, look no further in MA. We, at New England Sport Academy (NESA), offer multi-level training in gymnastics separately for boys and girls. We have competitive and recreational training sessions and programs that will help your children grow as an athlete and as a confident individual. Let your kids enjoy and learn the sport of gymnastics from an early age to compete at a diverse level of sports. Gymnastics, believed to be an excellent foundation to any sports, can generate self esteem, strength, power, goal setting, flexibility and coordination in your kids!
About program director
Nicholas Sterling
(781) 493-6345
Nicholas Sterling spearheaded NESA Home School Enrichment program and remains an integral part of the program. Nicholas' educational background is in Ancient Greek and Roman Civilization, while his personal interests are diverse and encompass many different disciplines from chess to literature. Due to his wealth of knowledge, he stands as an insatiable source of knowledge to home schoolers of various ages and scholastic interests.
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