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I.C.E. Basketball

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I.C.E. Basketball
Intensity, Concentration, Execution
About program
If your child is interested in basketball, there are several ways in which children can master the techniques of playing basketball. A fusion of shooting, offensive, passing, and ball handling is all a part of ICE Basketball program at NESA. The ICE philosophy comes from Markus' high school coach Bill Wenning, explaining that playing hard and playing smart will equal success in the game of basketball.

We offer classes and programs aimed to teach children between 5 and 15 years of age to learn all the nuances of basketball on recreational and competitive (team) level.

Recreational Classes

Recreational classes are conducted using positive reinforcement,encouragement, and are taught using fundamental progressions. Fundamentals and the progression of skills are the key to being a great basketball player, and that is stressed throughout all classes. In addition to individual skill development, the ICE coaches will spend time teaching team execution with a focus on spacing, communication, and teamwork.

This is essentially what other youth programs lack and ICE is proud to bring this to students at a young age to give them an advantage over the competition.

Classes include several age levels:  
- Little Dribblers: 5-6 year-olds
- Shooting Stars: 7-8 year-olds
- All Stars: 9-11 year-olds
- Future Rim Rockers: 12-15 year olds

Team Classes

For students interested in challenging themselves on the competitive level, there is the ICE Basketball AAU team for 4th grade, 5th Grade, 6th grade, 7th and 8th grade teams. Tryouts are held in September however coaching staff are continuously recruiting throughout the year.  Each team practices twice a week for an hour and a half.

All teams participate in a Fall Basketball League as well as AAU sanctioned tournaments and events in the Spring season.  Teams practice year round including the Winter and Summer seasons.If you are interested in trying out for a team, make sure to contact us for more information and eligibility requirements at 781-493-6345.

Visit I.C.E. Basketball's webpage at
About program director
Markus Potyranski
(781) 493-6345
Markus Potyranskihas been playing basketball since the age of four and has been coaching the sport for nearly a decade. He played for Cushing Academy's Varsity basketball team in High School competing amongst Class A prep schools. Markus brings a strong passion to teach his students the fundamental and team aspects of the game. Markus has run clinics for the town of Westwood as well as numerous private basketball clubs and travel teams in Massachusetts.
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