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About program
The Blue Brain Golf Academy is committed to serving the needs of every golfer who wants to find game improvement regardless of their experience or ability level.  The Blue Brain Golf fusion training programs help students develop the skills necessary to be a better golfer by helping them train mentally, physically, and technologically.  These custom programs are a studentís roadmap to game improvement created and executed by trained professionals.  All fusion training programs follow the same three simple steps Evaluate, Train and Reinforce.

STEP 1:  EVALUATE Ė In order to find game improvement, a studentís first must understand where they are and where they want to go. The Blue Brain Golf Academy delivers comprehensive evaluations of all aspects of a student's game to assist in the planning and execution of a custom Fusion Training Program.

STEP 2:  TRAIN - To overcome weaknesses and attain new skills, students need to train with a purpose. Fusion Training programs are structured, yet flexible; they are developed by trained professionals and they are executed by the same professionals in an environment that gives studentís everything they need to be successful.

STEP 3:  REINFORCE - To find lasting game improvement, studentís need to reinforce their new skills by challenging them regularly. To reinforce new skills, students are able to participate in skill training, swing conditioning, and group practice sessions.


One on One

Monthly Private Lesson Membership Includes:
Initial Evaluation  
All students taking private lessons start with an initial game evaluation
After the Evaluation a game plan is created and the student can decide how they would like to proceed

Four 30min. lessons per month
Lessons can be combined to use before they expire but it is recommended that students meet with their instructor weekly.
Private lessons do expire month to month
Supervised Practice Sessions
Students involved in a lesson program can attend one supervised practice session per week

Monthly Program Fee:   $200


Skill Training Sessions (balance and coordination)
Swing Conditioning Sessions (speed and agility)

Monthly Training Membership Includes:
Supervised Training Sessions
Students can attend up to three training sessions per week
Group sizes are limited and students are allowed to sign up one week in advance
Skill Training and Swing Conditioning Sessions
These sessions are designed to help students develop the necessary skills all golfers require to play their best
Supervised Practice Sessions
These sessions allow students to continue to work on issues unique to their swing under the supervision of their instructor

Monthly Training Fee:   $150

Levelís 1, 2 and 3

14yrs or older

What you need to know:
All students start at Level 1
Every level meets for four 60min. classes per month
Each group is limited to a maximum of 8 students
Students can advance to the next level when ready but only after completing the previous level at least once
Different levels cover different topics from basic fundamentals to more advanced topics like face angle and swing plane
Equipment will be provided to those who do not have their own

Level 1
Day 1- Grip
Day 2- Stance
Day 3- Turn
Day 4- Hinge

Level 2
Day 1- Putting Basics
Day 2- Chipping and Pitching Basics
Day 3- Full Swing Basics
Day 4- Driving Basics

Level 3
Day 1- Face and Path
Day 2- Ball Flight
Day 3- Sequence
Day 4- Extension and Width

Monthly Fee: $150.00


Four 60min. classes per. month
Group Size max of 10 students
13yrs and under

For any junior interested in giving golf a try
Classes cover the basic fundamentals with an emphasis on FUN!
Equipment will be provided to those who do not have their own
Classes will meet at the same time every week
Students must enroll in the program a minimum of two months for a total of 8 classes before moving on to private instruction or more advanced group classes

Junior Program
Day 1- Grip Fundamentals
Day 2- Setup Fundamentals
Day 3- Body Motion in the Golf Swing
Day 4- Hands in the Golf Swing

Monthly Fee: $100.00
About program director
Mike Giordani
A graduate of Methodist University's PGA Professional Golf Management program Mike is a PGA member Certified in Instruction and has provided over 400 swing evaluations and 6,000 lessons to golfers of all ability levels using high speed video and motion measurement technology.  Mike has become one of the most active teaching professionals in New England and has developed a deep understanding of swing mechanics and what it takes to find lasting game improvement.

Mikeís teaching philosophy is simple and was developed around the belief that the more variables there are in a swing, the more practice is needed to keep the swing working.  Eliminating variables will lead to a more consistent ball flight and Mike has achieved this with many students by keeping things simple, working on what is important, and being realistic when planning and setting expectations.  
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