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Hip Hop, Emcee & Beatbox

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About program
Soon To Be Hip: For new comers to Hip Hop dance. Relaxed pace with emphasis on movement; understanding, and fun. For ages 6+

Hip To Hip Hop Dance: For those who have done hip hop dance before. Faster pace with emphasis on movement; understanding, execution, and creativity. For ages 6+

Popping Fundamentals: Popping is “the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the dancer's body, referred to as a pop or a hit”. In this class you will not only be taught how to pop/hit, but you will also be taught all the styles in popping  and their history. For ages 8+

Popping Battles: This class is about the proper application of the popping skills you know in the realm of battling. For ages 8+

ELEMENTARY Crew: A 6th Element Dance Crew for children 8 to 13 (Exceptions can be made).  Audition needed

ELEMENTAL Crew: A 6th Element Dance Crew for teens 13 to 17(Exceptions can be made).  Audition needed

6TH ELEMENT Crew: For 18+ (Exceptions can be made).  Audition needed

Excuse Me, What’s An Emcee?: An Emcee is a Rapper. Emcee was a spin off of the term MC, meaning Master of Ceremonies.  A rapper is a person that RAPs. RAP stands for rhythm and poetry. That being said, what’s going to be in this class is: music theory, singing, poetry writing and orating, beat boxing and the use of all these skills simultaneously in rapping.

I Can Be An Emcee: This class is for the rapper that want to increase their skills. All the skills learned in Excuse Me, What’s An Emcee will be built upon and sharpened. Be ready to get started.

Beat Boxing
Tih Tih Kah Tih: Beat boxing 101. Beat boxing is the art of making music with your mouth and vocal chords. In this class you will be taught music theory, and its application in Beat boxing.

Tih Kih Tih Kih Kaaah: A continuation of Tih Tih Kah Tih.  This class takes everything you know about beat box and adds builds on it. In this class theory and creativity is emphasized.

About program director
Grant Fisher
Grant Fisher started getting into Hip Hop in high school after he heard the song “Kick Push by Lupe Fiasco.” The song hit so close to home that he was instantaneously sucked into the culture. He started by getting into the music and the dance. Though he had been dancing and a vocalist since he was 5 he had never felt the rush that hip hop gave him. He noticed that there are influences from every other genre of music ingrained in hip hop (a musical melting pot). Realizing the music he listened to directly reflected the culture he lived in spawned a quest to become engraved in hip hop.

One of the first things he learned on his quest was hip hop is comprised of 5 elements; Rap, Beatboxing, Dance, Turntableism, and Grafitti. Some recognize the 6th, and most intangible element, is the Culture. Grant is one of them. Realizing he was one of an extremely small minority of people who planned on learning all they could about hip hop, he sought to give as many people as possible the knowledge he is acquiring.

He is currently teaching classes at NESA in: Rap, Beatboxing, and Dance. Turtablism and graffiti classes will be offered as soon as more people are interested.
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