"Both kids LOVED the camp, my daughter even said it was the best camp she's ever been to!
I was thrilled to see them both sweaty at the end of the day since that meant they had been moving and having fun!!
My son loved all the sensory activities and benefited from the games that fostered good social skills.
I really hope our schedule allows them to return at some point, I'd love to be kept up to date on your programs throughout the year."

"Christine, my daughter's experience with iFit this summer was so great in so many ways!!!
Thank you :-) Susan - Canton, MA"
About program
Together, preparing exceptional learners for life.

The iFit PreSchool, After School and Teen programs at NESA are designed to support and strengthen the social learner by participation in non-competitive group activities. The iFit program supports the growth and inclusion of PreSchool aged children through grade 8 with social learning deficits. Evening Programs are available for tweens/teens up to and including the High School level.

Participants in the iFit Program typically demonstrate high functioning, average to above average cognitive ability with related social profiles such as ADHD, Asperger's, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, and other profiles.

Our trained and educated iFit staff provide a nurturing and safe environment for all children.  iFit focuses on providing a positive experience for all through participation in NESA programs and activities, social skill development, interactive non-competitive “play” and sports all while promoting positive behavior and interactions among peers.

iFit Activities and Programming is designed to develop self confidence among peers, and a positive experience for all.  Activities may include:

- Supported integration into beginner level mixed-sports class such as Soccer, Basketball, or Gymnastics.  Depending on ages, development and interest of children, other activities may include Parachute Play, Crafts, Foam Pit, Yoga, Dance and more.

- Supported team-oriented games requiring collaboration to meet a group goal.

- Lego Education designed to team build with up to 3 children, while learning, having fun, and solving problems. Products such as interactive StoryStarter and MoretoMath will be used. Designed to be social, team building, and integrated.

- Social Groups led by trained staff involving instruction and understanding of The Zones of Regulations and how to apply learned strategies in challenging situations.

- Social Thinking strategies and implementation including Social Thinking Vocabulary to develop a better language based concept and understanding of social emotional responses. How do my thoughts, feelings and actions impact others?

- Sensory integration and regulation activities to help adjust calming strategies, manage, process and respond to sensory input within an active environment by implementing The Zone of Regulation.

Limited to 1 day per week, not to exceed 6 visits per month.
About program director
Christine Sheedy
Program Director, Christine Sheedy.  As a young adult, Christine always had a passion for working with children.  Although Christine started out as a manager in a well known Telecommunications Company, she had the drive and passion for something more.  After leaving the telecommunications industry in 2008, Christine worked full time for 6 years in the Walpole Public Schools in the Partnership Program working with students with behavioral, Social/Emotional, ADHD, Anxiety, ASD and other high functioning social profiles. Christine developed a passion for working with these children,their needs, and a desire to make learning, social situations, and interactions a positive experience. Determined to make a difference Christine went back to school in 2014 and received her MEd. in Curriculum and Instruction with a Special Education Minor.  Christine also holds a BSBA.  Christine has worked and volunteered regularly with children in recreational programs in her hometown of Walpole.  She has coached  Softball and Cheerleading, and is actively involved in the extracurricular activities at her childrens school.  Christine has an excellent understanding of children, their differences and needs, and will use her knowledge and experience to create a fantastic program for Social Learners.
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