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Sundays 4:30pm-6:30pm
Ages 10+, All Levels
About program
What is Wushu?
Wushu is a competition sport in which competitors perform routines that are scored based on execution, timing, and quality of performance. Routines incorporate a range of required skills, from basic stances, kicks and punches to jumps, flips and aerial maneuvers, and are performed with and without weapons such as broadsword, straight sword, staff, and spear. While Wushu literally means ‘martial arts’ in Chinese, it is a martial art that focuses more on the “arts” than the “martial.”

Do I need to be a martial artist to enjoy Wushu?
Not at all. Wushu focuses more on performance than on practicality and it provides many ways to express yourself. Whether you focus on rhythm and timing or you simply like jumping and flips, Wushu has it all. Plus, mastering the weapons adds interest and challenge. In short, it is easy to find a Wushu niche you relate to and love!

Can Wushu be used for self-defense?
While Wushu has many useful applications for self-defense, the sport emphasize taking common moves to the greatest possible extreme in flexibility, speed and power.  Practicing the movements at an extreme level makes it easy to perform them on a lower level.  As an example, it is easy to throw a side kick to your waist if you can throw one over your head.  And aerials and butterfly-twists are not very practical for self-defense, but they train you to jump high, to have body awareness, and to be light on your feet. Plus, they look very cool.

Who can do Wushu?
Everyone can and should learn Wushu. The class is mixed sex and mixed ability, and it is open to kids and adults ages 10 and up.

How is the class structured?
A class is about 2 hours long and is broken down into:
• Warmups
• Stretching
• Practicing basics including jumps and weapons
• Learning new moves and sections of routines
• Full routine practice
• Conditioning

Why should you learn Wushu?
• You learn to flip and kick
• You play with weapons
• You improve your flexibility
• You become more athletic
• You gain self confidence
• You can show off to your friends
• You never stop learning, and

What do you need for the class?
Just yourself clothed in comfortable workout clothes such as a T-shirt and shorts or light sweatpants. As for shoes, thin, flat, light-weight shoes are best but regular sneakers are fine.

Fun Facts
• Jet Li and Donnie Yen were Wushu champions
• Wushu was almost accepted as an Olympic sport in 2008.  It was allowed to conduct a side event with Olympic insignia displayed.
About program director
Avi Prince
Hi, my name is Avi Prince and martial arts is my passion. I am twenty four years old and have been doing martial arts since I was six. I’ve spent over ten years doing Shotokan karate and I received my black belt in 2007 and my second degree black belt in 2011. During that time I also spent three and a half years learning Judo and have currently been learning Luo de Xiu’s Gao style Ba-gua for about three years.

In 2008 I was introduced to Wushu at the University of Maryland TerpWushu club and immediately fell in love with the sport. I have trained in Seattle with Tian Yuan Li who was on the Shanxi Wushu team in China and I have spent the past two years learning under my coach Calvin Wang and practicing with the Wellesley Wushu team.
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