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Weekend Warrior (Saturday)

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Saturday Nights of amazing fun!!!
WEEKEND WARRIOR at NESA, Saturdays 6-10 PM!!!
PIZZA and DRINKS served!  $5 cash contribution per child requested.

All parents need a little time to themselves, and NESA Weekend Warrior provides just that opportunity. Drop the kids off at NESA for a night of fun, including Nerf Warfare, Swordplay, Munchkin, Magic: the Gathering, gym time, Football, Kickball, and many other activities. Go to a movie, have a great night dining and shopping, and let your kids have the time of their lives with us.  No pre-set activities are needed: just come and enjoy yourselves, and choose whatever activities and games you'd like!

GURPS (Generic Universal Role-Playing System, from Steve Jackson Games) and Dungeons & Dragons are now established activities with Weekend Warrior.  Come join a campaign!  Develop your own role-playing character, explore a fantasy world, battle enemies, find treasure, and have a wonderful time tapping the depths of your imagination!

For those wanting more physical games, LIVE ACTION ROLE PLAYING is coming!  Build your own costumes, armor, and weapons, and then head for the gym for a reenactment of an actual battle!  Not your thing?  Try Revenge (a form of Dodgeball with foam blocks) and Manhunt (an outdoor activity in the dark in which one team hunts down another, and then comes the CHASE!). Plus we have Capture the Flag, Shark (a foam pit tag game), War-Ball, and more!!!

Ages 6 and over welcome.  Ages 3-5 may be admitted after advance consultation.

$25 per child and $50 for a family of up to 4 children (not including pizza contributions).  $10 for every additional child, and $10 for every half-hour after 10:30 PM.
Contact Nicholas Sterling ( with any further questions.
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