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The sport of gymnastics is amazing not because it is the hardest sport in world, but because it prepares you to face every challenge...
Addison Chung for two straight years was named part of the US Mens Junior National Team! Read More Here!
About program
Letís Laugh Today
at New England Sports Acadamy
345 University Avenue, Westwood, MA

Wednesday, November 4th

$10 per person, max $35 per family, children 2 and under free

Families of children with social learning deficits or 
autism are especially encouraged to attend!

Enjoy this unique exercise of laughing and clapping combined with gentle breathing that any age and level of physical ability can do.

Experience all the health benefits of a good belly laugh! No comedy or jokes involved!  You will feel GREAT afterwards!

Please bring your water bottle because laughing can be dehydrating.  

Led by Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers Linda and Bill Hamaker of Letís Laugh Today.
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