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About program

Who: Women only ages 12 & up

What: Self-defense and awareness

When: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:00pm to 7:00pm for three weeks beginning JULY 14 (Total of 6 classes)

Cost: $60 for the three weeks (Portion of proceeds made to a rape prevention organization).

Dress: Please wear clothes that you won’t mind if they get ripped or torn

Goal: The goal of the program is awareness and education which are the most effective and meaningful ways to reduce the risk of rape.  The program intends to assist women in developing a plan that will reduce the risk of rape. An assailant may view the lack of awareness on the part of the victim as inviting behavior. The goal is to provide a meaningful rape awareness program by utilizing NESA Judo program instructors with significant experience in self-defense. By offering simple but effective strategies & tactics for self-protection, with the main focus on the concept of "divert and flee," and stressing the importance of common sense, a tragic situation may be averted.

Objective: AWARENESS/AWARENESS – Classes will involve group discussions complete with scenarios on strategy. The program will include topics such being assertive. The focus will be on using simple strategies such as saying NO forcefully when you mean NO and being aware of your non-verbal signals. If you respect others' rights and they don’t respect yours, we will teach you to state your objection to their behavior, trust your instincts and look for the warning signals. During the tactics portion, the class will focus on falling correctly, simple standing take off hand techniques and basic ground fighting. There will be concepts presented on dealing with knife attacks and strategies against gun attacks. Consistent with FBI statistics showing women who fight back have significantly less rapes, this class will teach you that you must fight back if you need to defend yourself. No participant is expected to know or be an expert in tactics or technique but will finish the program with a deeper knowledge of situational awareness!

Competent Instructors:  
William Sherwin - Retired United States Air Force NCO, F-16 fighter Crew Chief/ Lead Instructor. He is a husband, father and a grandfather with extensive experience in training military personnel in self-defense and rape awareness. He began his training in Fairborn Ohio in 1974 learning Judo and Aiki Jujitsu. Trained extensively in South Korea.. He was the Air Force Judo Champion in 1984, 1985 and 1986. In addition, he was the Korean College champion in 1987. He is a Godan (5th degree) in Judo, a Sandan (3rd degree) in Goshin / Aiki Jujitsu and a Shodan (1st degree) in Wado Ryu Karate. Mr. Sherwin is an instructor at the Phoenix Judo Club here at NESA.  
The whole NESA community thanks Mr. Sherwin for his service in the military.
Thomas Comerford M.S.: An instructor in Seigneury (3rd Level), under Mr. Sigurds Ogrins (Legion of Honour medal winner (French: Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur) for bravery in the French Foreign Legion. Seigneury is the military fighting system of the French Foreign Legion. He began his Seigneury training in 1978 at “The Union” in Boston. He is a Yodan (4th degree) in Judo and taught at the Col. Marr Boys & Girls Club in Dorchester & at L Street in South Boston for many years. He is also a Nidan (2nd degree) in Taiho-Jutsu which is a martial art taught mostly to police for arresting and controlling dangerous criminals. His instructors were military and police personnel and he has been a participant in many police training programs throughout the years. Mr. Comerford is an instructor at the Phoenix Judo Club here at NESA.
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