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Munchkin Tournaments

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Check out the official Munchkin Tournament Rules from Steve Jackson Games.

The NESA rules of the Munchkin Tournament are these:

1. Players may choose whichever versions of Munchkin the group will use.  In the case of multiple requests, all requested
versions will be used together (up to a maximum of three versions mixed). Dungeons, if applicable and available, may be used.  Games will begin as non-Epic, and then, if time permits, may be extended on request (prizes are awarded at both Level 10 and Level 20, or both Level 11 and Level 22 in the Dungeon of Extra Effort).

2. Munchkin Tournaments run for 6 hours, 4-10 PM on a Saturday evening.  Three Rounds WILL BE SCHEDULED within those 6 hours, and for that reason, players are asked to arrive as close to 4 PM as possible, or notify the Game Master (i.e., me), if he/she will arrive late.  In order to fit three Rounds in, the Game Master reserves the right to stop games in progress and adjudicate the results.  The top six winners of the first two rounds (Ribbon winners), as determined by their final hands and cards in play, will advance to the Ribbon Game and play separately from the other players (who will play one or more separate games themselves) for the Grand Prize.  The winner among these players wins the Grand Prize.  The Ribbon Game is NOT Epic for the purpose of determining the Grand Prize (though the game may be extended to Epic for another Blue Ribbon if the players request and time permits).

3. Although all requests to extend games to Epic will be accommodated if possible, should there be a need to get the Ribbon Game underway with enough reasonable time to complete it to Level 10 (or Level 11 in the Dungeon of Extra Effort), the Game Master (me) reserves the right to deny Epic requests.

4. There are five tiers of prizes awarded.
     a. Grand Prize: winner among all Ribbon winners in third round Ribbon Game by first achieving Level 10, or Level 11 in the Dungeon of Extra Effort (NOT adjudication - a winner by adjudication takes a second Red Ribbon prize).

     b. Blue Ribbon: winner in any round by first achieving Epic Level 20 (or 22 in the Dungeon of Extra Effort), or winner in the Ribbon Game Epic extension by Levels or adjudication.  Only one Blue Ribbon per player in the first two rounds.

     c. Red Ribbon: winner in any round by first achieving regular Level 10 (or 11 in the Dungeon of Extra Effort), or the winner in the non-Epic Ribbon Game by adjudication.  Once the Red Ribbon is awarded, the round may be extended to Epic on request and as time permits.  Only one Red Ribbon per player in the first two rounds.

     d. Yellow Ribbon: winner in first or second round Epic game by adjudication due to time.

     e. White Ribbon: winner in first or second regular game by adjudication due to time.  A Game by definition is termed "regular" (i.e., non-Epic) until one player has first arrived at Level 10 (or Level 11 in the Dungeon of Extra Effort).

5. No Munchkin may be awarded more than one Blue or Red Ribbon (though he/she may be awarded one of each) EXCEPT during the Ribbon Game.  In the second or third round, if a winning player has already won a Blue or Red Ribbon, he/she will instead receive a Yellow or White Ribbon, and the next highest player (by adjudication) will also collect a Yellow or White Ribbon.  All these Ribbon winners advance to the Ribbon Game, in which these restrictions do not apply.

6. If a player suffers any form of DEATH in any round EXCEPT the Ribbon Game, he/she forfeits all right to Blue and Red Ribbon prizes in that round (but may win them in later rounds, and may still advance to the Ribbon Game and vie for the Grand Prize).  Should a player win a round in which he/she has suffered DEATH, he/she will instead win a Yellow (for Epic) or White (for regular) Ribbon, and and the next highest player (by adjudication) will also collect a Yellow or White Ribbon.  DEATH has no effect on the awarding of prizes in the Ribbon Game.

7. To determine a winner by adjudication, the winner will be the player with the highest level.  In the case of a tie, the tiebreak is the Item of any type (except a One-Shot) that offers the biggest Bonus (with all its cards together).  If that is a tie also, the next tiebreak is the next highest Bonus card, and so on down until a winner is found.  If all Bonuses are tied, the winner is the player with the higher number of cards in play.  If that is also tied, prizes will be split or duplicated among the winning players.

8. The Game Master (me) reserves the right to create and apply House Rules.  An example is that Antimatter Trap in Star affects an entire collection of Laser weapons together; another example is that a Trader in Star who trades in Pink Stamps for an Item must be allowed immediately to trade another Item to retrieve Pink Stamps; no other player (including other Traders) may obstruct this second transaction.  Yet another House Rule is that if a player must suffer Bad Stuff and has two or more options of which Bad Stuff to suffer (such as "Lose your Footgear, or lose a Level"), and only one of the two options of Bad Stuff applies to him/her (such as that he is above Level 1 but does not have Footgear in play), he MUST suffer the Bad Stuff that applies to him/her (the player in the example must lose a Level).

9. Cheat items (e.g., Apps, Bookmarks, etc.) are allowed; however, ONLY ONE Cheat item may be used per game except as the instructions on the Cheat items dictate otherwise.  Furthermore, all Cheat items must be individually reviewed by the Game Master before the game to decide whether they are permissible, and must be disclosed to the players in that game.

10. No Card may be removed from the Table once it is played, unless a Card (such as a Power) allows this.

11. Proper behavior, please!  Everyone playing is to stay seated at the table and is to behave civilly, so we can have real fun.  Penalties may be inflicted for cheating or other improper behavior (such as rowdiness, excess noise, running around the room, etc.).

That's all for the Rules.  Come and have fun Looking For Trouble!"
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