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The sport of gymnastics is amazing not because it is the hardest sport in world, but because it prepares you to face every challenge...
Addison Chung for two straight years was named part of the US Mens Junior National Team! Read More Here!

Ninja Warrior

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About program
Are you ready to release your INNER NINJA?

What to expect!

Brian has developed a plan for Kids to come and challenge their inner strength and have fun while doing it!

Our Ninja Warrior event is a high energy tumbling and conditioning event specifically designed for those boys and girls interested in body movement as a way of propelling around/across an area. This event will use principles of balance and strength training to develop body awareness with safety as a priority.

Boys and girls will enjoy climbing, swinging and navigating through obstacles that will increase strength, agility and coordination.  Use of tumble basics such as rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs and handsprings could be used depending on age level. Come check out our state of the art new Parkour facility!
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