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12/07/15   2015 Yellow Jackets Holiday Invitational
The sport of gymnastics is amazing not because it is the hardest sport in world, but because it prepares you to face every challenge head on. This month the NESA family has faced challenges we never expected. Today our level 6-10 girls showed what resilient, determined and amazing young women they are. We are all so proud of you and know this is proof that where this sport takes you girls, you will one day become STRONG, POWERFUL AND ADMIRED female role models.

Level 4 - 1st Place
Level 6 - 1st Place
Level 7 - 1st Place
Level 9 - 2nd Place
Level 10 -  1st Place
12/07/15   NESA Crowd Funding!
11/14/15   Ian Lasic-Ellis won the 2015 Future Stars National Championship
Congratulations on your 3rd year in a row winning the Future Stars National Championship!

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11/07/15   Addison Chung - Olympic Hope Cup, Liberec Czech Republic
The Olympic Hope Cup in Liberec Czech Republic is over and Addison Chung came in 13th all around. The Americans took the third place team award behind China and the Brits. But....since the US took 6 of the top 13 spots (3,5,7,8,11,13), it means Addison must have beaten a few of the Chinese and British. Good job for his first international meet, first meet without Levon, and first time flying solo. Now for a party with band tonight and a long flight home Sunday. Photos to come. The countries represented were China, Britain, US, France, Germany, Poland, Finland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Yeah USA!

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08/24/15   Addison Chung - US Men's Junior National Team
Addison Chung for two straight years was named part of the US Mens Junior National Team!

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07/07/15   2015 Nationals
Congratulations to Katya and Kayla. Both girls hit all 4 events at nationals and had their season best performances. We are so proud of your commitment, hard work and progress this year! !!!
07/01/15   2014 - 2015 Season Recap
The 2014-15 Season at NESA produced state, regional, eastern and national qualifiers.  We are so proud of all of our teams for a successful season. GO NESA!!!

2015 JO Nationals, Level 10 Regionals
National Team Qualifier - Catherina Karpova, Kayla Baddeley

Level 10 Regionals
Catherina Karpova - Regional Qualifier
Kayla Baddeley - Regional Qualifier
Christina Luniewicz - Regional Qualifier
Kalena Wang - Regional Qualifier

2015 Level 9 Easterns & Regionals
Level  9 Easterns Qualifier - Kiera Doherty-Herwitz

Level 9 Regionals
Kiera Doherty-Herwitz - Regional Qualifier
Olivia DeLuca - Regional Qualifier
Nell Asbrand - Regional Qualifier
Alexis Gaulin - Regional Qualifier
2015 Level 8 Regionals
Level 8 Regionals
Natalia Goodine- MA Team qualifier
Annika Bridges  - MA Team qualifier

Level 3
Jalys Facey - Vault Champion
Kylie Oltchick - Vault, Bars and AA Champion
Arya Mishra - Bars and AA Champion
Veronica De'Olivera - Beam Champion

Level 4
Alexa Daly - AA Champion

Hannah Buzgo - Bars Champion
Hannah King - Floor Champion

Level 6
Grace Buzgo - Beam Champion
Tienrey Milliken- Beam, Floor and AA Champion

Mara DeCesare - Beam Champion

Kiera Doherty-Herwitz - Beam Champion
Alexis Gaulin - Beam Champion
Olivia DeLuca - Floor Champion
06/12/15   2015 Bay State Summer Games
Congratulations to the Phoenix Judo winners in the 2015 Bay State Summer Games
All of our players have won in their divisions, what a accomplishment! Many of our young players fought with players that are 2-3 years older and heavier than they are!.
1st place:
Andy C.
Peter C.

2nd Place:
Desiree F.
Markus C.

3rd Place:
Alex K.
Dan K.
Travis C.
Connor C.
04/11/15   JAMFEST 2015 NATIONALS
Our Cheer Advantage Rubies took 1st Place at Jamfest Nationals
03/24/15   2015 Pedro's Judo Challenge
Congratulations to our Phoenix Judo GOLD medalists at the 2015 Pedro's Judo Challenge.  We are proud of you, Paola and Stanley!
03/21/15   2015 OCEAN STATE INTERNATIONAL Judo Tournament
On Saturday March 21, our 4 judo players celebrated their winnings in 2015 OCEAN STATE INTERNATIONAL Judo Tournament in RI.

Nicholas, Jade and Paola - 2nd place
Desiree - 1st place
03/17/15   Boston Tea Party 2015
All Parkour and Free Runner experts come join us for the The Boston Tea Party on Saturday, March 21st starting at 6:00pm and ending on Sunday, March 22nd at 12:00pm at NESA. There will be food and beverages all night. This is a 16+ event Tickets cost $25 at the door, but you can register online->

09/13/14   Sept. 13 2014 New England Judo Championships
Congratulations to Phoenix Judo at NESA Judoka who placed at New England Championships last weekend!

                      Andy Clarke: 2nd place

                      Connor Chaplin: 3rd place

                      Peter Clarke: 3rd place

                      Travis Chaplin: 4th place

We are proud of you!
06/19/14   The NESA Chess Team in print!
The NESA Chess Team in print!  Check out this article in _Chess Horizons_, Spring 2014
04/29/14   NESA Chess Team!
Congratulations to the NESA Chess Team for explosively stellar results in the MA Game/60 Championship this past weekend (4/27)!  We had several top winners, especially in the Under-1600 Section, and collectively all the players amassed a total of more than 600 USCF rating points.  Great job!!
02/24/14   Congratulations NESA Chess Team for your victories this month
On 2/1 in the Winter Team Challenge the NESA Challengers in the K-3 section won first prize.  Check out their awesome photo on MACA's Facebook page!

On 2/9, in the Spiegel Cup, Brandon Wu in the 11 & Under, and Bernie Xu in the 8 and Under, won first place by tie-break.

A great first culmination of our Team that is still less than a year old.   Many thanks to my colleague Steve Winer for his superb coaching.  We look forward to bigger and better in the upcoming year.
12/21/13   NESA Gymnasts Excel at Yellow Jackets Invitational
NESA Gymnasts Excel at Yellow Jackets Invitational 5 (Five) 1st Place All-Around Titles and 3 (Three) 1st Place Team Level Titles

Middleton, MA: NESA Boys Gymnastic Team coached by Levon Karakhanyan and Assistant Coach Dan Melzar excelled at the 2013 Yellow Jackets Invitational.
Team highlights include:  Three (3) 1st place Team titles, one (1) 2nd place Team titles and five (5) 1st place individual All-Around titles, three (3) 2nd place individual All-Around titles and one (1) 3rd place individual All-Around titles in additional to multiple Top 3 Individual Events finishes. Congratulations to our champions:
Level 5:  Team 1st Place: Jackson DelRosario, Kasey Cohen, Sahib Sanghera, Pietro Rozzo, Matthew Hassan, David Holloway
Individual AA Top 3:(age 9-10) Pietro Rozzo 2nd AA;  (age 11+) Jackson DelRosario 1st AA
Level 6: Individual AA Top 3: (age 9-10) Marcus Kushner
1st AATeam 2nd Place: Marcus Kushner, Jonathan Agard, Daniel Kravets, Sam Arber              
Level 7: Team 1st Place: Callum Sullivan, Craig Ackerman, Sergey Popov, Griffin Silver
               Individual AA Top 3: (age 9-10) Sergey Popov 3rd AA;
               (age 13+) Callum Sullivan 1st AA; (age 13+) Craig Ackerman 2nd AA
Level 8: Individual AA Top 3: (age 11-12) Ian Lasic-Ellis 1st AA
Level 9: Team 1st Place: Addison Chung, Daniel Clark, Wolfgang Personeus, Isiah Cato
               Individual AA Top 3: (age 13-14) Addison Chung 1st AA; Daniel Clark 2nd AA
12/03/13   Winter Solstice Festival and Wassail Night Out
At the Winter solstice; all over the Northern Temperate climes, people celebrate with song, light and laughter. The days are getting longer, the nights are dark and cold. In ancient days it was a time fraught with danger. To be caught outside on a cold, dark night meant certain death; especially if there was a storm. People would leave a candle burning in a window to guide a weary, cold traveller to a safe place to spend the night, protected from the elements. There was a wide-spread belief that monsters roamed the dark nights; and that joyful celebrations, light and song would scare the monsters and keep them away! Join us as we celebrate. We'll chase away monsters with song, perform a mummer's play (and create our own paper bag costumes for it), have a pot luck with hot cider, and enjoy the usual events of a Saturday Night Out at NESA.
12/03/13   NESA Chess Team!
Congratulations to the NESA Chess Team for its successes in November!  Maxwell Chen in particular, whose USCF Rating just exceeded 1000 for the first time, won First Place in the Age 11 and Under Section at the NESA Spiegel Cup Series Tournament on 11/23/13.  Maxwell also was on the NESA Team that took second place in the K-6 Section at the MACA Fall Team Challenge earlier in the month.

Team events are coming soon to NESA.  Stay tuned!
11/30/13   Alexei Budolin
On Nov.30 2013, we had great success in bringing Alexei Budolin who is the new senior head coach of the Estonian Olympic team to our clinic.   Alexei took bronze at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and was a finalist at the 2001 World Championships in Munich; he also was a bronze medal winner in the World Championships in Osaka in 2003. Alexei was European Champion in 2001 and Estonias most successful judoka ever. We would like to give special thanks to Sensei Jay for bringing Alexei In for a clinic; we got rave reviews from our judoka about his training methods, including his gripping and kata garuma techniques. We would also like to thank everyone at NESA especially Marilyn for helping the process run as smoothly as it did.
11/26/13   Two-Time All-Around Gymnastic World Champion as Guest Coach
Two-Time All-Around Men's Gymnastic World Champion & Three-Time Olympic Champion, Dmitry Bilozerchev Visits NESA as Guest Coach

Westwood, MA:  NESA Boys Gymnastics Team Head Coach, Levon Karakhanyan invites two-time men's gymnastics All-Around World Champion and three-time Olympic Champion, Dmitry Bilozerchev this week to guest coach at NESA with him and Coach Dan Melzar. Coach Bilozerchev worked closely with each of boys team levels during several days of practice as well as privately with several individual gymnast.

Dmitry Vladimirovich Bilozerchev (Russian: , born 22 December 1966 in Moscow) is a Soviet/Russian gymnast. One of the most accomplished gymnasts in history, he is a two-time World All-Around Champion and three-time Olympic Champion. He trained at the Armed Forces sports society in Moscow.

Known for his exemplary form, style, and technique, in 1983 Bilozerchev became the youngest men's World All-Around Champion in history. He then went on to win 5 gold medals at the 1984 Friendship Games, which served as the alternate Olympic Games for the communist nations that boycotted the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. The following year, he shattered his leg in over 40 places in a car accident. The injury was so devastating that doctors were going to amputate the limb were it not for his status as World Champion. In a remarkable comeback, Bilozerchev went on to reclaim his title as World All-Around Champion in 1987 even though his leg was never the same. At the 1988 Seoul Olympics, he won gold medals in the pommel horse, still rings, and in the team competition. He took bronze in the All-Around competition after a mistake on the horizontal bar.
11/19/13   NESA Brings Home Future Star National and 2nd place Champions
NESA Brings Home Future Star National AA Champion, 2nd place AA Champion &  Multiple Individual Event Top 3 Finishes

Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO:  NESA (New England Sport Academy) Boys Gymnastic Team coached by Head Coach Levon Karakhanyan sent six gymnasts to Future Stars Nationals competition & clinics at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado this past week.  Three of the NESA gymnasts placed in the top 3 in either the All-Around or individual events.

Ian Lasic-Ellis won the Future Star National Championship in the 10 year old age division placing 1st in the All-Around and 1st in the following individual events: Pommel, Rings, PBarS and tied for 1st in Flexibility. Ian's 1st place finish qualified him as a member of the National Development Team & camp for the second year in a row.

Daniel Clark placed 2nd in the All-Around in the 13 year old age division as well as placing 1st in the following individual events: Pommel, PBarS and tied for 1st on Rings. Daniel's 2nd place All-Around finish qualifying him as a member of the National Development Team & camp for the third year in a row.

Wolfgang Personeus competed in the 13 year old age division placing in a tie for 3rd place on the pommel horse event. Wolfgang finished 21st in the All-Around competition.  This was Wolfgang's third year qualifying for and competing in the Future Star National competition.

NESA sent three additional gymnasts for their first time to the competition. Sergey Popov finished 30th place All-Around in the 10 year old age division. Christoph Buhler finished 46th place All-Around in the 12 year old division and Griffin Silver finished 48th place All-Around in the 10 year old division.
10/15/13   NESA Boys Gymnastics Qualify for Future Stars Nationals
NESA Boys Team Qualifies 6 Out of 6 Gymnasts to Future Star Nationals

October 13, 2013, Marlboro, MA:  Yesterday at Region 6's Future Star Regional competition six NESA gymnasts: Daniel Clark (age 13), Wolfgang Personeus (age 13), Christoph Buhler (age 12), Ian Lasic-Ellis (age 10), Sergey Popov (age 10) and Griffin Silver (age 10) coached by Levon Karakhanyan qualified to represent Region 6 at the Future Star Nationals Competition and clinics at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, this coming November 7-9.  Special note on our two NESA senior thirteen old year qualifiers in their last year of eligibility: Daniel Clark has qualified to the Future Star National competition all four years in which he was eligible to compete. Wolfgang Personeus has qualified to the Future Star National competition all three years in which he competed. Wolfgang began participating in the Future Star program when he joined NESA at the age of 11.
09/19/13   Gymnastic Teams Raised $872 for Boston Marathon Victims
NESA Girls and Boys Gymnastic Teams Raised $872 for Boston Marathon Bombing Victims

Westwood, MA:  Gymnasts at the New England Sports Academy (NESA) on the Girls and Boys Gymnastics Competitive Teams sold "Boston Strong" T-shirts raising eight hundred and seventy-two dollars ($872.00) for the victims of the April 15th Boston Marathon bombing. Every one of these gymnasts was affected by the event with loved ones that ran in the Marathon, some lived in the lock down area and their gym (NESA) closing the days of the man hunt. These pictured NESA gymnasts are proudly sending the money they raised to the One Fund in Boston to be distributed.
09/09/13   NESA Sends Two to National Development Team Training Camp
NESA Sends Two, Clark and Lasic-Ellis to National Development Team Training Camp

Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO; NESA gymnast, Daniel Clark and Ian Lasic-Ellis qualified 5th and 3rd respectively at the Future Star National Competition in November 2012 which qualified them each as a members of the Future Star National Jr Development Team (Future Star Nationally top six finish).  As members of the development team they were each invited to attend along with their coach, Levon Karakhanyan, a special National Development Team Training Camp in July at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
09/05/13   Seminar for Moms
Raising Healthy Tween & Teen Girls...without the Drama, Fighting or Fatique with Tara Cousineau, PhD, Clinical Psychologist & Self-Esteem Expert.
file1_84.pdf  [338 kb]
09/05/13   NESA Chess Team!
Congratulations to the NESA Chess Team for their outstanding results at the 2013 New England Open over Labor Day weekend! Brian Yin scored a perfect score of 4 points to take First Place in the K-6 U1400 Section. Dustin Liang, Bernie Xu, John Archibald, Alexander Bao, Jeffrey Pan, and Thomas Ha also competed. Master Steve Winer is the Team Coach.

Thanks to all who played!
Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D., Chess Team Coordinator
05/23/13   NESA Awarded Best of 2013 in Physical Fitness Instruction
05/23/13   NESA Senior, Mark Springett Heads to University of Iowa
NESA Senior, Mark Springett Heads to University of Iowa After Taking 6th in All-Around at JO Nationals

Westwood, MA:  New England Sports Academy (NESA) gymnast and Dover, MA native, Mark Springett, heads off to the University of Iowa to join their NCAA Men's Gymnastics Division One Team after ending his USAG Men's Gymnast career earlier this month with a strong 6th place finish in the All-Around, 4th place finish on PBars and 5th place finish on Rings at the 2103 Men's Gymnastics Junior Olympics Nationals Championship in Portland, Oregon.

His senior year was full of accomplishments including becoming the 2013 Region 6 All-Around, Pommel & PBars Champion. A month earlier at the Massachusetts State Championships, Mark won not only the 2013 All-Around State Champion title, but won each of the (6) six individual event titles as well. In addition, at 2013 Regionals Mark was honor with the New England Gymnastics Judges Association "2013 Dwight Church Award for the Outstanding Senior" Award.

Mark has had numerous accomplishments throughout his thirteen year gymnastics career winning both MA State Championships, a Region 6 Championship in the All-Around competition and 2013 JO National medalist in three events. In the past four years, his accomplishments also included becoming a Region 6 Level 10 Team Member JO at Nationals in 2010, a 2011 JO National Level 10 Regional 6 Team member, qualifying for the Vault & Pommel Horse semi-finals and 2012 JO National Level 10 Regional 6 Team member and Pommel Horse semi-finalist.

Last week, the NESA Gymnastics Team welcomed Mark into their NESA Alumni Club during NESA's Team Photo and Senior Grad Day Event. Following in NESA's tradition, Mark, as a graduating senior addressed the team giving words of wisdom and encouragement to the gymnasts he will leave behind in August when he joins the University of Iowa Men's Gymnastics Team. Coach Dan Melzar, officially welcomed Mark into the Alumni Club, in which he is a member. Then NESA Head Coach Levon Karakhanyan spoke to Mark's leadership and work ethic and presented him with a framed poster signed by everyone of Mark's NESA team mates. The signed poster read, "Once a NESA Gymnast, Always a NESA Gymnast. Best of Luck in Future!"
05/19/13   Two (2) NESA Gymnasts Top Six in Nation, All Six (6) Make Finals
Two (2) NESA Gymnasts Top Six in Nation, All Six (6) Make Finals at 2013 Junior Olympic National Championships

Portland, OR:  NESA (New England Sports Academy) gymnasts finished the season strong at the 2013 Men's Gymnastics Junior Olympics Nationals Championships earlier this month in Portland, Oregon. NESA podium highlights include two of our (6) six NESA gymnasts placing in the top 6:  Daniel Clark won the Level 8 Junior Elite Pommel Silver Medal (2-day JO/JE combined) and Mark Springett, Level 10 Senior (age 17)  won the Junior Olympic All-Around 6th place (2-day JO combined), PBars 4th place (2-day JO combined) and Rings 5th place (2-day JO combined) medals.  In addition, each of the (6) six NESA gymnasts qualified for finals after the first day of competition.

Additional accomplishments include:  

Level 8: Daniel Clark qualified for Junior Elite Finals in 21st place AA and placed 16th on Rings and 25th place in AA for the 2-day JO/JE combined, Wolfgang Personeus qualified for Junior Elite Finals in 28th place AA, and 12th on pommel, 19th on Floor and placed 14th on Pommel and 41th in AA for the 2-day JO/JE combined results. (Level 8 had 173 gymnasts competing)

Level 9: Jonathan Wang qualified for Junior Elite Finals in 30th place AA and 12th on Floor and placed 9th on Floor and 18th in AA for the 2-day JO/JE combined results; Addison Chung qualified for the Junior Elite Finals in 28th place in AA and placed 18th on Rings and 28th in AA for the 2-day JO/JE combined results; Zeyad Zoromba qualified for the JO Individual Event Finals in Floor, Pommel and HBars and placed 16th on HBars, 19th on Pommell and 20th on Floor in the 2-day JO combined results. (Level 9 had 203 gymnasts competing)

Level 10 Senior (age 17): Mark Springett qualified for the JO Finals in 3rd place AA and placed 8th on Vault and 9th on Pommel in the 2-day JO combined results. (Level 10 Senior had 165 gymnasts competing.)
05/16/13   NESA Gymnast, Daniel Clark Jr, Takes Silver on Pommel
NESA Gymnast, Daniel Clark Jr, Takes Silver on Pommel at JO Nationals

Portland, OR:  NESA gymnast, Daniel (Danny) Clark Jr, 7th grader from Avon, MA took the silver medal on the Pommel Horse (2nd place in the USA) at the Men's Gymnastics Junior Olympic National Championships in the Level 8 Junior Elite Division (the Junior Elite division is the top 42 Level 8 gymnasts in the nation and is where the Junior National Development Team is selected from) in Portland, Oregon earlier this month. His other accomplishments during the National competition include: qualifying to the second day of competition in the Junior Elite in 21st place All-Around (total of six events) as well as  placing 16th on the Still Rings event and 25th All-Around in the combined two-day results. Danny was also one of 12 gymnasts representing Region 6 (New England) for Level 8 As a region, Region 6 placed 4th as a team, the best showing for the region in many years.

Danny qualified for the Junior Olympics National competition by winning the Regional (Region 6 - New England) Level 8 All-Around Championship in a two-day competition at the 2013 Regional Championship at Springfield College, Springfield MA one month earlier. In addition to winning the gold medal All-Around Regional Championship for Level 8 , he won the Pommel Horse and Still Rings event becoming the 2013 Regional (Region 6) Champion in both individual events. Danny also placed 2nd on the Floor event and was a member of his New England Sports Academy (NESA) club Level 8 Team which placed 2nd in the Team competition.

Photo: Daniel Clark Jr with his coach, Levon Karakhanyan at 2013 Mens Gymnastics Junior Olympic National Championship wearing his second place silver medal for Pommel Horse.
04/30/13   Boys Team is selling Boston Strong T-Shirts to benefit One Fund
T-shirts are $20 each. Orders will be taken starting May 9th through May 23. The final order will be placed May 24. If you are interested in purchasing a NESA Boys Gymnastics Team "BOSTON STRONG" T-shirt contact one of our team gymnasts or one of their family members. Help us help our Boston victims!
04/18/13   Congratulations Coach Mike!
Baseball was the fastest growing program in March!

At NESA, Program Director's compensation depends on the amount of students. Our customers help our Program Directors grow their businesses.

76% of new customers were referred by NESA families.

Thank you for your continuous support!
04/15/13   NESA Qualifies Six Gymnasts to 2013 Junior Olympics Nationals
NESA Qualifies Six (6) Gymnasts to 2013 Junior Olympics Nationals

Springfield, MA:  NESA (New England Sports Academy) Boys Gymnastics Team coached by Levon Karakhanyan had six (6) of their gymnasts qualify to compete at the Junior Olympics National Championships in Portland, Oregon at last weekends Region 6 Championships.  The following NESA gymnasts will be representing Region 6 at JO Nationals next month:  Level 8 Daniel Clark and Wolfgang Personeus; Level 9 Jonathan Wang, Zeyad Zoromba and Addison Chung; Level 10 Mark Springett.
04/15/13   NESA Gymnasts Win Four Regional 1st place All-Around Titles
NESA Gymnasts Win Four Regional 1st place All-Around Titles, Twelve 1st place Individual Event Titles, and Four 1st Place Team Championships at 2013 Regional Championship

Springfield MA:  NESA (New England Sports Academy) gymnasts coached by Levon Karakhanyan and Dan Melzar win Four (4) 1st place All-Around Regional Championship titles and Four (4) 1st place Team Level Championships along with multiple 1st place Individual Event Championship titles.

Our NESA Top 3 All-Around Regional Champions:  Level 5 (age 7-8) Marcus Kushner 1st place AA, (age 11+) David Levy 3rd place AA; Level 7 (age 9-10) Ian Lasic-Ellis 1st place AA, (age 9-10) Sergey Popov 3rd place AA; Level 8 (age 11-12) Daniel Clark 1st place AA; Level 10 (age 17-18) Mark Springett 1st place AA.

Our NESA Top 3 Team finishes at Regionals:  Level 5 (ages 7-8 & 11+): 1st place Team (Marcus Kushner, David Levy, Pietro Rozzo, Ted Friesen); Level 5 (age 9-10): 3rd place Team (Jonathan Agard, Jackson Del Rosario, Matthew Hassan); Level 6 (age 11+): 1st place Team (Milan Rosen, Sam Arber, Craig Ackerman, Callum Sullivan, Jack Silver); Level 7 (age 9-10 & 11-12): 1st place Team (Ian Lasic-Ellis, Sergey Popov, Griffin Silver, Christoph Buhler); Level 8 (age 11-12): 2nd place Team (Benedikt Eckstein, Daniel Clark, Wolfgang Personeus); Level 9 (age 13-14): 1st place Team (Jonathan Wang, Zeyad Zoromba, Addison Chung, Aidan MacCuish, Isiah Cato).

Our NESA Top 3 Individual Event Regional Champions: Level 5: (age 7-8) Marcus Kushner: 1st Rings, 2nd Pommel, 3rd PBars & HBar; (age 7-8) Pietro Rozzo: 3rd Floor; (age 9-10) Jonathan Agard: 2nd PBars; (age 11+) David Levy: 3rd HBar. Level 6: (age 11+) Milan Rosen: 1st Floor, 3rd Pommel; (age 11+) Sam Arber: 2nd Floor, 3rd Rings. Level 7: (age 9-10) Ian Lasic-Ellis: 1st Pommel, Rings, PBars, HBar; (age 9-10) Sergey Popov: 3rd Vault; (age 11-12) Christoph Buhler: 1st Pommel & HBar; 3rd Rings & PBars. Level 8: (age 11-12) Daniel Clark: 1st Pommel & Rings, 2nd Floor; (age 11-12) Wolfgang Personeus: 3rd Pommel. Level 9: (age 13-14) Jonathan Wang: 3rd Floor & Vault; (age 13-14) Zeyad Zoromba: 2nd Floor; (age 13-14) Addison Chung: 3rd PBars. Level 10: (17-18) Mark Springett: 1st Pommel & PBars, 2nd Floor & Vault, 3rd Rings
04/10/13   Gymnastics Coach Stacey running the Boston Marathon
On April 15, 2013, Stacey will be running the Boston Marathon! She is running on the Bay State Games Charity Team. The Bay State Games is a non profit, 501c-(3) organization that has been in existence for 30 years. The mission of the organization is to promote health, physical fitness, education, sportsmanship and personal development through athletic, educational and health related programs. As a gymnastics instructor at NESA, she feels that this marathon team stands for something she truly believe in. By running, she is leading by example as she strive to live a physically active lifestyle and she hopes to inspire others to continue to accomplish their personal fitness goals as well. She hope to raise $2,500 that will directly benefit the programs of the Bay State Games. Please help her in her efforts by simply going online, to the link below, to donate to her cause. Thank you so much for your support!
03/31/13    NESA Gymnasts Produce Four State All-Around Champions
NESA Gymnasts Produce Four State All-Around Champions and Two Team Level wins at 2013 MA State Championships

Sterling, MA: NESA gymnasts coached by Levon Karakhanyan and Dan Melzar celebrated multiple top three individual event finishes at the 2013 Massachusetts Boys State Championships.

The highlights from the MA State Championship included our Top 3 finishes in the All-around competition.

Congratulations to our Top 3 All-Around State Champions: Level 5: (age 7-8) Marcus Kushner 1st place AA, Pietro Rozzo 2nd place AA, (age 11+) Ted Friesen 2nd place AA, David Levy 3rd place AA; Level 7: (age 9-10) Ian-Lasic Ellis 1st place AA, Griffin Silver 3th place AA, (age 11-12) Christoph Buhler 3rd place AA; Level 8 (age 11-12) Daniel Clark 1st place AA; Level 9 (age 13-14) Addison Chung 2nd place AA; Level 10 (age 17-18) Mark Springett 1st place AA. Mark also was the 1st place individual MA State Champion in each of the six events!

In addition NESA Level 7 (Ian Lasic-Ellis, Griffin Silver, Christopher Buhler) & 9 Team (Addison Chung, Jonathan Wang, Zeyad Zoromba, Isiah Cato, Aidan MacCuish), repeating for the second year took home first place Team Championships.

Another highlight of the meet included each NESA gymnast Level 5-10 that was eligible to qualify to the Regional Championship competition did. It was a great day for NESA all-around.
03/10/13   NESA Takes Second for Level 5 Team
NESA Takes Second for Level 5 Team and Combined (Levels 4, 5, & 6) at MA State Cup Championship

Sterling, MA:  NESA Boys Gymnastics Team Levels 4-6 competed in the 2013 Massachusetts State Cup Championship this past Saturday.  Lead by Head Coach Levon Karakhanyan and Assistant Coach Dan Melzar, NESA's Boys Level 5 Team (Edward Friesen, Marcus Kushner, Pietro Rozzo, Jonathan Agard, Matthew Hassan, Jackson DelRosario, David Levy) brought home the 2nd place Level 5 Team award. In the top award of the meet, the Combined Level 4, 5 & 6 Team award, NESA took 2nd place! Congrats to all our NESA gymnasts that contributed to the 2nd place Level 4-6 Combination Award: Level 4: Clayton Thevenin, William Lynch, David Holloway;  Level 5: Edward Friesen, Marcus Kushner, Pietro Rozzo, Jonathan Agard, Matthew Hassan, Jackson DelRosario, David Levy; and Level 6: Jack Silver, Callum Sullivan, Craig Ackerman, Sam Arber, Daniel Kravets, Milan Rosen, David Levy)
03/08/13   Result Highlights from the Boston Classic
NESA Boys Gymnastics Team Takes Three First Place All-Around Individual Titles and Two First Place Team Titles at 2013 Boston Classic

Westwood, MA:  The NESA Boys Gymnastic Team coached by Levon Karakhanyan and Assistant Coach Dan Melzar enjoyed a strong showing at the 2013 Boston Classic. Team highlights include: Two 1st place Team titles, two 2nd place Team titles and three 1st place individual All-Around titles, two 2nd place individual All-Around titles and three 3rd place individual All-Around titles in additional to multiple Top 3 Individual Events finishes.

NESA Top 3 Team Level title wins at the 2013 Boston Classic include:

NESA 1st place Team titles include:
Level 7 Team: Ian Lasic-Ellis, Sergey Popov, Christoph Buhler
Level 8 Team: Daniel Clark, Wolfgang Personeus, Benedikt Eckstein

NESA 2nd place Team titles include:
Level 5 Team: Marcus Kushner, Jackson DelRosario, Joanathan Agard, Pietro Rozzo, David Levy, Matthew Hassan, Edward Freisen
Level 9 Team: Jonathan Wang, Zeyad Zoromba, Isiah Cato, Aidan MacCuish

NESA Top 3 All-Around Individual Title wins at the Boston Classic include:

Three 1st place individual all-around titles won by NESA gymnasts: Marcus Kushner (Level 5, age 7-8), Ian Lasic-Ellis (Level 7, age 9-10), and Mark Springett (Level 10, age 17-18).

Two 2nd place individual All-Around placements awarded to NESA gymnasts: Christoph Buhler (Level 7, age 11-12), and Daniel Clark (Level 8, age 11-12).

Three 3rd place individual All-Around placements awarded to NESA gymnasts: Clayton Thevenin (Level 4, age 7-8), David Levy (Level 5, age 11+), Sergey Popov (Level 7, age 9-10)
03/08/13   NESA Sweeps Junior and Senior Team Divisions
NESA Sweeps Junior and Senior Team Divisions at Granite State Invitational

Hampton, NH:  NESA Level 7-10 gymnasts coached by Head Coach Levon Karakhanyan and Assistant Coach Dan Melzar swept the Junior (Level 7-8) and Senior (Level 9-10) Team Divisions at the 2013 Granite State Invitational. NESA also took 3 of the 4 Individual All Around titles for Levels 7-10 as well. Congratulations to our Top 3 All Around Champions: Ian Lasic-Ellis 1st place AA Level 7, Christoph Buhler 2nd place AA Level 7; Daniel Clark 1st place AA Level 8, Wolfgang Personeus 2nd place AA Level 8; Jonathan Wang 2nd place AA Level 9, Zeyad Zoromba 3rd place AA Level 9; and Mark Springett 1st place AA Level 10.
03/04/13   Congratulations to all competitors in the 2013 Boston Classic!
Click Here for Results of the 2013 Boston Classic

Here is the link:
02/25/13   American Jiu Jitsu Belt Testing
Congratulations to those who earned their belts in American Jiu Jitsu this weekend!
02/23/13    Seven NESA Level 4-6 gymnasts place in the Top 3 AA
Seven NESA Level 4-6 gymnasts place in the Top 3 AA at Gym Village Meet

Amherst, NH:  Seven NESA Level 4 - 6 gymnasts coached by Head Coach, Levon Karakhanyan finished in the Top 3 All-Around positions at the Gym Village meet this past weekend. The final tally highlights were three first place, three second place and one third place All Around finishes. Congrats to our following NESA gymnasts who placed in the Top 3 AA Level 4 (age 8)  Clayton Thevenin  2nd AA; Level 5 (age 8) Marcus Kushner 1st AA, (age 8) Pietro Rozzo 2nd AA, (age 9) Jonathan Agard 1st AA, (age 11+) David Levy 2nd AA, (age 11+) Ted Friesen  3rd AA; Level 6 (age 12+) Callum Sullivan  1st AA. Additional congrats to our Level 5 Team who took 2nd place in the team competition.
02/15/13   Congratulations to Coach Carlos!
Soccer was the fastest growing program!

At NESA, Program Director's compensation depends on the amount of students. Our customers help our Program Directors grow their businesses.

76% of new customers were referred by NESA families.

Thank you for your continuous support!
02/13/13   Bored During School Vacation? Come to NESA Camp!
Our camps are like no other camp you will find in the area. With a variety of offerings throughout the day, your child will be instructed by top-notch coaches at our multi-sport facility! Pre-register today!

April Camps:
-Mixed Sports (9-1AM) (1-4PM)
-Parkour (9-1AM) (1-4PM)
-Soccer (9-1AM)
-Academics (1-4PM)
-Preschool (1-4PM)
-Gymnastics (9-1AM)
-Lacrosse (1-4PM)

01/26/13   NESA Boys Make the Jan/Feb 2013 Issue of USA Gymnastics
Five NESA Boys Gymnasts Make the Jan/Feb 2013 Issue of USA Gymnastics Magazine

Westwood, MA: The newest issue of USA Gymnastics Magazine, the January/February 2013 issue includes five of NESA's Gymnastics: Griffin Silver, Ian Lasic-Ellis, Daniel Clark, Wolfgang Personeus and Addison Chung. Four NESA gymnasts, Ian Lasic-Ellis, Daniel Clark, Wolfgang Personeus and Addison Chung received this honor of inclusion in the national gymnastics magazine due to qualifying for and competing in the Future Stars National Championship held in November 2012 at the Olympic Training facility in Colorado Springs, CO. Griffin Silver received the highest honor for his age by qualifying for the Regional Development Region 6 Team.
01/07/13    NESA Boys Gymnasts Show Strong at Sterling Deep Freeze Invit.
Sterling, MA: NESA (New England Sport Academy) Level 7-10 gymnasts coached by Levon Karkhanyan have another strong showing at the Sterling Deep Freeze Invitational competition this weekend.

Competition results highlights include three 1st place All-Around finishes: Ian Lasic-Ellis - Level 7 (age group 9-10), Addison Chung - Level 9 (age group 13-14), Mark Springett - Level 10 (age group 17-18) and three 3rd place All-Around finishes: Griffin Silver - Level 7 (age group 9-10), Christoph Buhler - Level 7 (age group 11-12), Wolfgang Personeus - Level 8 (age group 11-12).

Photo details: NESA Level 7-10 Gymnasts at Sterling Invitational. (Back: Jonathan Wang, Mark Springett, Addison Chung, Aidan MacCuish, Wolfgang Personeus; Front: Massimo Sweet (Shen's), Ian Lasic-Ellis, Griffin Silver, Christoph Buhler) Missing from photo: Danny Clark, Benedikt Eckstein.

*Courtesy of Donna Personeus
12/29/12   Sign up for NESA Lacrosse!
NESA Lacrosse will teach your son or daughter the skills and knowledge any beginner needs to know! Ages 5-10 yrs old. NESA is dedicated to nurturing the talents of youth lacrosse players of all beginner levels.

Join Coach Jamie Le Sage on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4-5pm. Register now!

Jamie Le Sage has been playing lacrosse for 14 years.  He played from 2006-2010 for Keene State College as an offensive midfielder and face-off specialist.  He was an important factor in 2 conference championship teams, two trips to the NCAA tournament, one undefeated regular season and personally received All-Conference honors his senior year.  Jamie also made the All-New England prep team in high school at the Williston North Hampton School and was captain his senior year.
12/22/12   NESA Boys Gymnastics Team Starts Season Strong at Yellow Jackets

Middleton, MA:  Last weekend the NESA (New England Sports Academy) Boys Gymnastics Team coached by Levon Karakhanyan started their 2012-2013 USAG season with a strong showing at the Yellow Jackets Invitational Meet.

In the Elite Technical Series competition Daniel Clark placed 1st for Level 8 and Addison Chung placed 1st for Level 9. In the Team competition NESA's Level 5 team placed 1st, Level 7 team placed 2nd, and both Level 6 and Level combined  9 &10 placed 3rd.

Individual gymnast highlights included NESA Level 5 gymnasts Pietro Rozzo 1st in AA 7-8 age group, Jackson Del Rosario 2nd in AA 9-10 age group, Ted Friesen 1st in AA 11+ age group; NESA Level 7 gymnasts Ian Lasic-Ellis 1st in AA 9-10 age group, Griffin Silver 2nd in AA 9-10 age group; NESA Level 8 gymnast Daniel Clark 2nd in AA age 11-12; NESA Level 9 gymnast Addison Chung 3rd in AA in 13-14 age group; and NESA Level 10 gymnast Mark Springett 1st place AA in 17-18 age group.
12/09/12   Flip and Fly in our Trampoline Class!
Join us for our EXCLUSIVE Trampoline Class taught by Brian Fitzgerald!

Tuesday nights at 8:00-9:00pm

Make sure to pre-register since only 5 students are allowed in the class.

Register Now!
12/05/12   NEW CLASS ADDED: Boys' Rec Gymnastics (ages 6-8); Register Now!
Due to popular demand, we are adding another Beginner Boys' Recreational Gymnastics class for ages 6-8 on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 10:00 am, coached by Coach Mon Henglin.  Gymnastics training provides an excellent physical and mental foundation for any sport, and besides, it is fun!  Why not sign up for a free trial this Saturday and see for your self?

11/12/12   Future Stars Nationals: NESA Boys Gymnastics rocked the house!
Future Stars Nationals: NESA rocks the house! Congrats to Coach Levon and his gymnasts, the mighty 4! Ian Lasic-Ellis placed 3rd (10 yr); Daniel Clark place 4th (12 yr); Addison Chung placed 8th (13 yr) and Wolfgang Personeus placed 16th (12 yr). Excellent job to all 4 of you. We are very proud.

For more photos please visit our Facebook page!
11/06/12   Griffin Silver Earns Spot on Kellogg's Tour of Olympic Champions
Griffin Silver, who is a Future Star, level 7, on the boys gymnastics team, will be participating in the Kellogg's Tour of Olympic Gymnastic Champions at the TD Bank North Garden in Boston on November 11th. He sent in an audition video and was the boy chosen to join the Boston show. Very exciting for Griffin and NESA! Here is his audition video
11/04/12   Calling all 3 year old boy gymnasts!
We are inviting your 3 year old gymnast to try out our brand new gymnastics class Boys Beginners Just for the Threes.  These boys will be the littlest boys in our big gym, and they will have a unique opportunity to train on all of the big boys apparatus with our awesome Coach Alec, under the watchful eye of Program Director Levon.  

The class will be held from 10:00 am to 11:00 am on Saturday mornings; tuition will be only $90/month.  Why not try it this weekend and see for yourself? Register Now and specify in the Comments section that you would like to do a trial on November 10th.  

If you have any questions, please email or call us at 781 493-6345.  We look forward to seeing you and your son on Saturday!
11/04/12   NESA Music Program is now accepting students!
Everyone benefits from music education and everyone can and should learn how to love and enjoy music!

There are many proven tangible benefits of music education: improved mental capabilities, memory and coordination. However, there is also a less measurable and much less tangible benefit - music enriches peoples lives, provides joy and is an emotional and creative outlet.

Our partnership with the prestigious Sharon Music Academy allows NESA to host classes and private lessons in the comfort of our facility. Please visit out Music Department schedule to Register Today!
11/01/12   NESA Welcomes Golf to our list of new programs!
The Blue Brain Golf Academy is committed to serving the needs of every golfer who wants to find game improvement regardless of their experience or ability level.  The Blue Brain Golf fusion training programs help students develop the skills necessary to be a better golfer by helping them train mentally, physically, and technologically.  These custom programs are a students roadmap to game improvement created and executed by trained professionals.  All fusion training programs follow the same three simple steps Evaluate, Train and Reinforce.

Please visit the golf page for more information: GOLF PAGE
10/15/12   NESA Fan Shop!
What you've all been waiting for has now arrived! Now you can buy NESA apparel whenever you want and in any color.  Program specific logos will be coming soon!

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09/12/12   Camp Offered for No School Days!
Register today for camp 9am-4pm on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Camp will be offered on Monday the 17th and Wednesday the 26th. Please register online or contact the front desk at (781) 493-6345. Visit our camp page for more details of the NESA Mixed Sports Camp.

*Early drop off and late pick up also available.
8:30 am
09/09/12   Parkour Open Gym!
New England Sport Academy (NESA) is one of the leading academies of Parkour in Massachusetts so why not journey to our Sunday Parkour Open Gym from 12-2! Here you can do parkour with friends, learn some new techniques from coaches and practice!
09/01/12   World's Strongest Hands 2012 results
Some of NESA's own placed in the Worlds Strongest Hands Challenge on August 18th!
For the full listing of rankings and scores please visit the following: World of Grip. Congrats to Mike, Brian, Dylan and Andrew!
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