Testimonials from our customers
William started homeschooling last year, and we were looking for classes to supplement our curriculum. We're so glad we found the NESA Homeschool Program! William is learning Latin and absolutely loves it. Nicholas makes the class educational and fun. The classes are small, so the kids are able to ask questions and progress at a good pace. William has also taken a geography class, a math class, and chess instruction this past year, and has enjoyed them all. I'm hoping Nicholas will convince some other young professors or grad students to teach at this program on the days they don't have college commitments. I'd love to see classes like algebra, calculus, and physics in the future.
Amy Mackin
I have never met a coach as talented as Markus. It is clear that he loves what he does, and he is wonderful with the children. He teaches them skills, keeps them in line, all in a loving manner. The kids adore him, which is a huge recommendation in itself. Can't say enough about him.
Thank you so much for everything this year and for making it so amazing. I really have learned so much from you. I’m looking forward to being in your class again next year!
Sarah Bloch
Markus has always been a great basketball coach to my boys, but last month he went above and beyond by driving several towns away to watch Ian's rec league basketball game--on a Friday night! That's not the first time he's made an extra effort for us. A few months ago, Ian missed a class when he spent a weekend in the hospital for an allergic reaction. I emailed Markus to let him know and he cheered up the patient with a phone call to his hospital room. We appreciate Markus both for his loud basketball advice and his quiet, behind the scenes support for his players.
Mr. Shterenberg, I have been reading through every email you send waiting for a program I could afford. Finally today was the day. I will be down this afternoon to sign up for your soccer program. See you soon!
Faith Kimball
My son had been with coach Louis for a few months. When Matthew started, he could not play at all. We appreciate all the hard work coach Louis did for him during these months. He is professional, smart and wise coach, encouraging and great with kids! For him it is important that the goal of the class is reached and for that he is ready to spend even some of his personal time in order for our kids to achieve. This devotion to his job is really admirable and very rare these days. He is always early for his class, setting up and getting ready. He teaches discipline and sets a great example of his own being prompt and always on time. Easy to communicate with, he listens carefully to parents and does his best to follow the feedback.
Julia Volfson
Academic Camp is really cool. You cal learn games you've never played. You get to build with blocks. They teach you to play games like Munchkin and chess. You also get a snack if you don't have one. You get to go in the foam pit. You can do math problems on the white board.
Hello, My son Jack has been attending the preschool sports camp 1-2 times a week for the past year and a half. It has been a great experience for him! I wanted to provide feedback and let you know what a great job coach Brian has done (and Carlos before him- as well as Natalie and Carly who both also coached on occasion). The chance to play different sports and games and to generally be active in such a fun environment has been a really great part of his preschool experience. He always looks forward to "sports camp," as we call it, and I enjoy watching him have so much fun. Coach Brian is encouraging and playful and excellent with the kids. He has also been great with my younger daughter, age 2, who often gets to participate for a short while at the beginning and end of class while dropping off/picking up her brother. Overall, I love this program. I plan to send my daughter when she gets old enough, assuming the cost does not increase too much. Thank you for a great program.
Emily Haven
My son, age 9, has been in the boys pre-team and team gymnastics program at NESA and its predecessor for approximately 5 years. Neither my wife nor I had any prior experience with gymnastics. However, we knew enough to firmly believe that gymnastics at NESA would provide him with invaluable cross training for his alpine ski racing career as well as other sports he might choose to pursue. Particularly, we believed that no sport provides a better training platform for a combination of flexibility, balance and strength. We have not been disappointed. Levon is the perfect coach. The facility is great. He loves the sport. The flexibility and balance he has developed in gymnastics has given him a significant and visible advantage over other ski racers his age. Core strength developed in gymnastics has clearly given him similar advantages, just in less obvious ways. Although ski racing was our original focus, we know that gymnastics training has helped substantially in other sports such as karate (where he has a brown belt), golf, baseball and soccer. We intend for our son to continue with gymnastics as a key cross training tool for the duration of his sports career.
Peter Hicks
I recently had a free trial chess class for my 6 year old son with Nicholas Sterling. I really admired his patience and the kindness that he invests into my son. He is just wonderful! And now, we are a part of his team. Thank you!
Mary W
The soccer teacher is phenomenal!!!! What a wonderful person and teacher! Thank you so much for arranging for him to teach here!
Sandi Morgan
My son Cole (15) has been enrolled in the homeschool program on Tuesdays for 2 or 3 years now. He loves it! He takes gymnastics and parkour regularly and has taken science, math, and chess in the past. He also appreciates open gym! I also appreciate open gym because I usually get some exercise in while Cole is in class or playing. I also appreciate the parents and staff, who are friendly and interesting to talk to when I feel like socializing. I highly recommend NESA to everyone!
Donna L. (2012)
Coach Levon is THE BEST!!! Makes each gymnast strive to be the best they can be!!
Our organization, Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles (KPMM), provides a full range of support and services for families of multiples – twins, triplets, quadruplets. As one can imagine, the challenges of raising several children of the same age are as delightful as they are daunting. Many of our families have other children prior to or after having their multiples. The stresses of maintaining the family healthy and whole cannot be counted on two hands. This is where New England Sports Academy steps in. Through the smart and sympathetic guidance of Henry Shterenberg, our families have benefited in numerous ways. These include the use of the gym facility, the programs offered, fitness for moms, scholarships for vacation camps, and with NESA as a venue for our annual holiday party. KPMM families have been accorded a special discount that enables them to come throughout the year to a “Mom and Me” program of tumbling and basic gymnastics. Where most other gyms require one adult per child, NESA has understood our families’ plight, and allows one parent to accompany their multiples. The staff at NESA is very professional, friendly and terrific with children. The open gym program that has been offered on Sundays and now, during the weekdays, has become a very big hit. Often, it is hard for a family with multiples to get out of the house. Getting the children excited about a place to go, as well as dressed and ready to go is a complicated matter. However, going to the gym is so special that this has opened new opportunities for families to let their children get the exercise they need in a safe fun environment, and at the same time, helps the parents maintain their sanity! KPMM is also very fortunate to have access to the NESA facility for its annual holiday party. This is an occasion that gives our families from across the state a chance to come together and enjoy our multiple blessings. The fact that the gym can easily accommodate a large group of children of varied ages makes the party extra-special. It also introduces our new families to the wonders of NESA and gets them eager to sign up as soon as their babies have become toddlers. It should be evident by now that the wonderful relationship that has been formed between NESA and the families of KPMM is one that we hope will remain healthy and long-lasting. Thank you Henry! Thank you NESA!
In our son’s first year of home schooling, what made the transition a success was the day each week he spent at NESA; where he had both an intellectual opportunity – to further his knowledge of chess – and a physical challenge – Parkour. It was clear from his enthusiasm that the instruction was excellent, and from our perspective, the staff was engaging and very supportive. He loved it and the best measure of success is that he will be back for another year!
Christopher Walker, Ph.D.
Beth Goodell is very professional and a dedicated person. She takes great pride in her work. Beth treats each child individually and brings out the best in each one of them. She coaches the Prep opt team and developed them into quite a competitive team where they have won 1st place twice and the girls themselves have won many awards. I am thrilled Beth is a part of the NESA team. Beth teaches both my daughters Leianna (level3) and Zarina (prep-opt) in gymnastics. In prep-opt she has brought the team to a level of success never seen before at NESA. It is very refreshing to have a coach who is not just extremely knowlegeable in the sport but also have years of experience in competitions. Beth attends to the individual gymnast's strength and weakness to perform at their best in competitions. She has a balance of maternal yet challenging and no-nonsense style of coaching. I hope Beth continues to coach the prep-opt team next season Her coaching style has what kids need to advance without the stress other coaches may put on athletes . Beth is a talented,nuturing and enthusiastic coach to my daughter, Jennifer. She always has time to chat with her students and parents and is so encouraging to all of the kids! She is the BEST! We love Beth--she is a wonderful coach!!!!
Varduhi Nahapetian is my daughter's coach. She is so diligent. Varduhi has always strived for excellence in working with our children. She is friendly, caring and motivates our kids to do the best. Great work Varduhi!
Carlos's dedication in teaching the children ALWAYS goes above and beyond everyone's expectations. He is great and we really appreciate his devotion.
I take my two grandsons to the Sunday Morning Play time to get exercise. Very nice Sunday morning out for the boys. Love this place.
Diane B. (December 2011)
I have run the recreation programs for the town for the past five years. The programs we run are for students in grades K - high school. We are always looking for new programs to run and one day we received a call from NESA about possibly running some type of an event with them. I felt this would be a great opportunity to bring in a new program for the town of Milton. We run a middle school ID program for students in grades 6 -8. We run five dances, one trip on the Spirit of Boston, and two additional events during the year. This year we took the 6th graders to the NESA and the feedback from each and every student was extremely positive. I received many phone calls from parents asking me if we can run more trips to the NESA. We are taking the 7th and 8th graders on March 4th and since the 6th grade field trip the numbers for this next event have increased significantly. During the 6th grade trip to NESA I watched very closely as to how the program was coordinated and I was very impressed. What I looked for mostly was the interaction between the instructor and the students. The instructors at every sport program were focused on each and every student. The instructors gave every student a positive reaction after every event. I am looking forward to running more of my programs at the NESA and the staff should be acknowledged.
Paul DiManno, Assistant Recreation Director for the town of Milton
I cannot give Carlos ENOUGH praise. He is truly exceptional. Not only is he passionate about soccer, he is committed to instilling in the kids that same passion. He routinely goes over and above his duties, all so that the kids can learn and become excited about the sport. I should thank YOU for having Carlos on your team. He always goes above and beyond with the kids. He's great!
Paige answered the phone extremely proffessionally, was helpful and politely listened to my concerns. She promptly conveyed my situation to Levon, who asked her to immediately phone me back explaining that he would only be able to call me today after 5:00pm because of scheduling. Very impressive already! I'm not sure if Michael will be a fit for your organization and/or would it be a good and comfortable fit for all of us, but I wanted you to know my positive experience thus far so you could be extemely proud of your staff.
Beth Goodell is so great with my daughter. She is knowledgeable and really cares for all of the girls in her prep op class.
I'm mother of a boy with autism that had a birthday party at NESA this past weekend. I wanted to say that Matt and Joe were absolutely wonderful with the children and I was really impressed by the way they worked with the group. The children had a great time. THANK YOU.
Anne B. (November 2011)
Thank you for your outstanding service this past year in providing soccer training for Walpole Youth Soccer Association. This training helped to develop the skills of over 288 soccer players in the Under 9/10 age group. In addition, over 50 coaches were trained in proper coaching techniques, which will allow them to continue to provide our players the benefits from your expertise. The result has not only been more proficient and enthusiastic players, but you have inspired them to seek additional training currently offered at NESA. We value your contributions to our club and look forward to a long and beneficial relationship in the future.
Thomas Grimes, Director of Walpole Youth Soccer
Markus is wonderful with the kids! He is a skilled basketball coach who can make meaningful drills for little ones while still keeping the learning fun. My son has been coming to NESA since he was five and loves it! We are greatful to have Markus teaching our son.
Levon's training is unbelievable...it's benefit to our son goes way beyond gymnastics...It's helped prepare him for many of life's challenges...We would highly recommend this program, this facility, this school and this coach to anyone.
David & Nancy Littman
In my child's words, "I love Nicole Kelleher even though she's really tough on me."
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